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Steve Campbell, Founder & CEO, EdIncites®Steve Campbell, Founder & CEO
The adoption of digital technologies and blended learning is revolutionizing the education sector for the better. Digital tools and devices are making the learning process more interactive and engaging. However, without a data-driven disposition, a digital education method gets reduced to a mere change of medium with no way to gauge the progress and strategize for better learning outcomes. Hence, it is not just the need of the hour, but also incumbent on educators to entwine digital solutions with the right data across the entire learning process.

Based in Chicago, EdIncites is infusing data analytics into the pedagogical systems of school districts. Emphasizing the imperative of a cultural shift in using data to drive decision-making in teaching and assessment methodologies, EdIncites enables districts to track student progress. Their Incite® Teaching and Learning Platform helps identify areas of strength and weakness so that teachers can properly adjust instruction and implement standards-based remediation.

Steve Campbell, Founder & CEO of the company, having worked in the financial services segment for a large part of his more than three-decade career, was well acquainted with the kind of impact data was making in the field. When he identified the education sector's lacuna, he decided to replicate the financial sector's data analytics capability. "We strongly believe that if you can command the data, collect it, clean it, learn how to read it, and understand what it is telling you, then there is enormous power in the effective use of data," says Campbell.

The first challenge in collecting useful data in the learning process is to craft well-constructed assessments using properly aligned items to standards. Even though the idea seems quite simplistic, its actual implementation has not been up to the mark. Hence, it is essential to build an effective assessment with a plurality of item types and a mixture of complexity metrics.

EdIncites started by bringing to market a student assessment system that could be used for formative and summative purposes. To support the blended learning needs of their clients, they expanded their platform to provide a comprehensive offering of solutions that support the complete learning process. Having been developed de novoas one cohesive system, the look/feel and functionality is consistent throughout the platform, making it extremely intuitive and easy to use with a seamless user experience. As a truly integrated platform, users have access to features across all functional modules at the point of need.

It is about using data across the entire learning process and how we can integrate all the pieces and parts to empirically drive stronger student outcomes

The company is working to help districts build correlations of assessment results with the curricular and instructional materials being used. The Incite Platform includes a learning object repository with content that is meta tagged and aligned to standards. By analyzing the content's usage patterns, EdIncites hopes to help districts identify the instructional resources that lead to the best student outcomes.

The Incite Platform is capable of sharing students' assessment results with all the stakeholders i.e., students, teachers and parents. Thus, EdIncites addresses one of the most pressing challenges that school districts face today as they pull their computing ecosystems together. The approach becomes even more significant given the current scenario wherein hyper-flipped models are being used, and teachers are recording the delivery of instruction. It allows the system to add the content to its catalogs and the recorded delivery of the content.

Over the past six months, EdIncites has expanded its product portfolio. It has launched new products like Incite Classroom to enable virtual teaching and learning, and Incite Professional, which supports learning and professional development for educators. The company has made its mark with its hands-on approach by providing a much sought after white-glove treatment wherein it works in close collaboration with the customer.

Moving forward, the company plans to continue working intimately with the professional staff of school districts to help them fully benefit from the power of the Incite Platform. "It is about using data across the entire learning process and how we can integrate all the pieces and parts to empirically drive stronger student outcomes. That is what we are all about," signs off Campbell.

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Chicago, IL

Steve Campbell, Founder & CEO

EdIncites is committed to making the utilization of data a cultural centerpiece of education. They have engineered theIncite® Teaching & Learning Platform to enable teachers and students to seamlessly connect across digital and classroom learning environments to support all instructional needs.The Incite Platform provides actionable, easy-to-interpret data to educators so that they can make informed, data-based instructional decisions that improve student outcomes