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Lucas Ostrowski, Founder and CEO, Education Technology Professionals, LLC Lucas Ostrowski, Founder and CEO
Though technology has become an integral part of our education system, professional IT support is still far from reach for many academic institutions, especially those in more rural parts of the country. From network downtime to hardware failures to cyber attacks, there are many ways a disruption in technology can hinder academic progression. Typically, retaining competent full-time IT support is cost-prohibitive to these institutions. Such roadblocks presented themselves as opportunities to Lucas Ostrowski—the Founder and CEO of Education Technology Professionals, LLC (ETP) - enabling him to rethink how professional IT support could be delivered to schools. With over 80 years of collective IT experience, Mr. Ostrowski and the leaders at ETP set out to create as close to a disturbance-free model for technology support as possible inside the classroom, thus allowing educators to concentrate on the effective delivery of education rather than the technology infrastructure and its frequent hiccups.

Technologists with a passion for enhancing education through technology, ETP provides primarily on-site IT services to academic institutions at economical prices. An engagement that showcases this value proposition is ETP’s partnership with Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia, PA. By understanding the school’s specific requirements, identifying challenges and anticipating needs, ETP has been able to provide exceptional support while only being there on a part-time basis. “There is a saying, ‘you get what you pay for.’ Well, in regard to Education Technology Professionals, you get much, much more. The team assigned to Roman has been nothing less than exceptional,” says Fr. Joseph Bongard, President of Roman Catholic High School. “With the virtual education model needed now more than ever, having reliable technology platforms is critical. ETP has assisted our faculty, students, and staff. Our ability to advance the curriculum and maintain our rigorous academic program would have been impossible without our ETP relationship.”

ETP’s full-spectrum of IT support— ranging from staff and student training, technology curriculum integration, networking and cybersecurity solutions, hardware and software planning and purchasing, website/social media management, and more—ensures that support is just a phone call away - and all by dialing the same number.

ETP has assisted our faculty, students, and staff. Our ability to advance the curriculum and maintain our rigorous academic program would have been impossible without our ETP relationship.” - Fr. Joseph Bongard, President of Roman Catholic High School

Mr. Ostrowski also mentions that many IT companies today trend towards a mostly remote and/ or break-fix model. “We like to be there when problems arise; I think the on-site model is just better for education. Teachers love being able to pick up the phone and have the issue resolved within minutes through our on-site IT support model, because it minimizes the classroom disruptions and helps focus on the learning experience. When teachers cannot rely on their technology, they stop using it, sometimes even after it is fixed because trust is lost.” adds Mr. Ostrowski.

Interestingly, ETP also provides Technology and STEM instruction to private schools utilizing acurriculum that is customized to each one. Jonathan Kershner, the Director of STEM Education, helps lead this venture. ETP hires and trains their own teachers and provides an innovative value-add by making their own investments in STEM resources so schools don’t have to. “I’m really proud of the tools we bring to the classroom, both for demonstration and hands-on learning”, says Mr. Kershner. He continues: “We bring resources that, for example, allow students to build a computer and use it to explore circuits and components both in the real and virtual worlds. We also have the ability to demonstrate 3-D printing and drone flight, and are always looking to add items the students manipulate and use to learn about technology and computing.”

ETP has also expanded its teaching offerings to include IT certification classes in some of their High Schools, as well as one local community college. Currently, the company services schools in 3 States, with the most recent addition being a school in Falls Church, VA. Mr. Ostrowski says that their model is easily replicable, and that they are able to service any school in the country.

All of these services, in addition to ETP’s profound understanding of technology in education, help academic institutions leverage tried-and-true technologies cost-effectively, thereby helping to maintain an interruption-free learning experience for students. In an ocean of MSPs, generalist IT providers or direct-hire IT professionals that may not necessarily understand the ins and outs of the education sector, ETP brings to the table the combination of IT excellence and EdTech comprehension, upholding its motto of leaving the technology to them and “letting teachers focus on teaching.”

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Education Technology Professionals, LLC

Education Technology Professionals, LLC

Salem, NJ

Lucas Ostrowski, Founder and CEO and Jonathan Kershner, Director of STEM Education

Education Technology Professionals,LCC is a full-spectrum technology services provider working exclusively with public and private schools of all sizes. They offer affordable world-class on-site IT support, digital content, website and social media management, and more.