Edupoint: Go Beyond the Traditional SIS Boundaries

Christine Moss, Chief Sales & Marketing officer, EdupointChristine Moss, Chief Sales & Marketing officer
A key strength of Edupoint has been to simplify the migration from legacy Student Information Systems (SIS) to a modern one for academic institutions and customizing the solutions to comply with district level laws governing education. “Given the ardor and complications involved in migration, most institutions often tend to maintain a status quo with regard to SIS—we are changing that,” says Christine Moss, Chief Sales and Marketing officer, Edupoint. The company founded by the education veteran Bob Weathers who has dedicated his life to K-12 SIS, and built first administrative software product for schools in the 1970s has been an early trendsetter for SIS— redefining SIS standards for over three decades.

Synergy Education Platform (SEP) is a fully integrated solution that unites several discrete K-12 data management functions like Synergy SIS, Online Registration (ORS) and Learning Management System (LMS) to improve administrative processes and learning outcomes. Typical of world-class products, SIS provides data and process management functionalities like KPIs, dashboards or metrics indicative of student learning. The ORS simplifies school registration process for parents by eliminating the need for printing expensive academic materials and creating real-time enrollment records in SIS. Synergy LMS facilitates classroom management by organizing the curriculum content and assessments or printing of reports, manageable by teachers through the TeacherVUE Portal. The portal features analytics presented through graphics for teachers to understand students’ weak points, besides channels to communicate with parents. It comes with Gradebook—a performance management system supporting traditional points-based grading and standards based grading where students are assessed based their learning proficiency. TeacherVUE also allows school administrators and district officers assess the performance of individual teachers.

Given the ardor and complications involved in migration, most institutions often tend to maintain a status quo with regard to SIS—we are changing that

While Edupoint has numerous solutions to offer, customers get to choose between the entire SEP and the individual units constituting it, depending on their requirements. “We know that one size does not fit all due to different requirements in different districts. We see districts spending a lot of money to buy sophisticated systems but using only 5 percent of their capabilities. So we are flexible in our solutions,” mentions Christine.

The implementation of solutions at clients’ site typically involves a planning phase where Edupoint communicates with clients and district officers to understand the principles and features that are to be part of the system, the exact data to be captured or accessed, quality assurance, interfaces and third party solutions. The comprehensive process reveals the exact tasks to be performed in connection with change management, following which the solutions are tailored accordingly.

Edupoint’s solutions have stood the test of time with several districts entering into long term association with the company. David , a senior member of the executive staff, mentions that “Synergy platform can easily be configured to meet the requirements of several districts, which many of our competitors do not offer.” With a 95 percent threshold for customer satisfaction, company also engages a third party research firm to obtain unbiased opinions from customers on its products and services.

Moving ahead, Edupoint has trained its focus on 2 new areas— Synergy Response to Intervention (RTI) and Analytics. RTI aims at assigning intervening tasks for students to ensure their holistic progress in learning. Analytics on the other hand, seeks to obtain insights into students’ progress through visual dashboards for easy interpretation of data, to improve decision making. With its commitment to ensure the all-round progress of students, Edupoint is bound to revolutionize education technology in the days to come.