Engrade: Unifying the Digital Learning Ecosystem

Digital technologies continue to impact the way one discovers, creates, shares, and manages data and ideas— even influencing the way that one thinks about knowledge itself. Learning and training continue to extend the reach of classrooms by including a more organic, integrated array of learning experiences and support—accessible any place and in the nick of time. The challenge in the education sector remains the numerous platforms that districts use in order to manage the education system.

“There is some concern whenever a district tries to adopt a new technology platform and the teachers have to learn that technology, which will sometimes change with the next semester,” says Chris Humphreys, Director of Product Management for McGraw-Hill Education’s Engrade product line. The educational technology platform provides online learning management system and educational assessment products to K-12 school districts. “Education in the U.S. and around the world has been undergoing rapid changes in recent years, which will only accelerate in the next decade. With Engrade, McGraw-Hill Education is helping our customers to better manage their digital evolution by providing a platform that integrates multiple technologies,” adds Humphreys.

Engrade brings together assessments, curriculum, and data in a single secure and easy-to-use platform to improve instruction delivery and personalize learning. Engrade integrates all of a district’s software, including third-party applications and open education resources, into a powerful cloud-based, single sign-on solution. With access to all of a learner’s data through Engrade, teachers can simplify their workflow and better understand the resources and strategies that work best for each student.

“The company started as an online grade book used by teachers to share student grades online,” adds Humphreys. The simple grade book spread all over the world and McGraw-Hill Education—a learning science company that offers customized educational content, software, and services—acquired Engrade. With McGraw-Hill as a partner, Engrade continued their efforts to unify the education environment, building a platform that provided a configurable structure designed to meet the ever-changing needs of schools. “It is a service oriented architecture, built on an open platform that can be accessed by partners in order to extract or input data,” explains Humphreys.

Chris Humphreys, Director of Product  Management, EngradeChris Humphreys, Director of Product Management
They offer a solution geared towards helping a district successfully transition from an early stage to a digital environment. The company supports a community of more than 6 million users worldwide with its flagship product—the most widely used grade book on the Web.

“Our service goes beyond training and the technical work of integrating student information system. We partner with the districts and understand their strategic vision and develop a roadmap,” says Humphreys. “Through Engrade, administrators can view students’ assessment data district-wide and use the performance analyses to identify strengths and target weaknesses.” The platform has filters for sorting assessment data by provider, student demographics, and performance metrics.

Districts rely on Engrade’s powerful single sign-on solution to enhance district-wide communication, plan and assess curriculum, manage assessment, and monitor student progress in real time. “We will continue to develop our modules to enable intuitive management of curriculum, assessments, and data—to unify the digital learning ecosystem for our customers.”

We will continue to develop our modules to enable intuitive management of curriculum, assessments, and data—to unify the digital learning ecosystem for our customers