ETHIX360: Multi-pronged Platform to Tackle School Violence

J Rollins, Co-Founder & CEO
In the US, violence in schools has spiraled to a new level. Instances of school shootings reported so far in 2018 averages to more than one per week. This alarming stat reflects on the under-reported prevalence of bullying, which occupies another sweet spot on the ‘hostility’ spectrum. “No child deserves to be picked on, bullied or shot at,” begins J Rollins, visionary co-founder and CEO of ETHIX360. “I’ve witnessed kids not being able to deal with the kind of bullying that comes their way. When I had success in business I knew that I should go back and help the helpless kids today. For me, this is how I give back to the community,” he adds.

Rollins had his career’s humble beginnings as a special education teacher. Today, he's a man with more than 20 years of experience holding key leadership positions across a wide range of enterprises. Having steered ETHIX360 as a reputed and reliable provider of cutting edge incident management and compliance solutions for enterprises, Rollins had realized it was time to re-version his company’s offering and project it to a vertical that is in an equally imperative need of a holistic incident management and remediation: the education space.

For school districts across the US, ETHIX360 has rolled out CSone, a robust, multi-pronged platform that enables reporting of incidents such as bullying, delivers a comprehensive solution around behavioral observation, and that offers rapid response plan for incidents that may be as drastic school shootings. Student safety and vulnerability scenarios have changed significantly over the years. For instance, while active shooters in the past were usually outsiders, today, most shooting incidents arise from armed students. This is also indicative of a rising number of distressed students who may not necessarily take up arms, but would resort to bullying. As such, it has become important—and all the more stringent from a regulatory and compliance standpoint—for schools to have infrastructures that facilitate: communication with first responders and faculty, evacuation, and isolates aggressors or even help spot aggressive intent among students. CSone is purpose built to address all of these aspects.

CSone offers a comprehensive behavioral observation and remediation module; one that is designed to eliminate the root-cause of the tendency to bully among students

In addition to incident management, the platform has an incident/bullying reporting feature which is based on the ETHIX360’s whistle blower platform for enterprises. The feature guarantees utmost anonymity to the reporter irrespective of the location where bullying is spotted. Integration with mobile devices further simplifies and democratizes reporting. The case management functionality is further designed to help school authorities respond to or take appropriate action against the bully and as-well implement anti-bullying measures. CSone offers a comprehensive behavioral observation and remediation module; one that is designed to help teachers identify and eliminate any aggressive traits of students that might pertain to bullying. From when a child displays anti-social behavior—such as sudden decline in attention or attendance in class, carelessness with home works, or even passive aggression—teachers can, through the platform, report, compile and conduct behavioral analysis and observation on such instances. The community engagement module provides means for teachers to address the negative behavior and prevent students from escalating into becoming bullies, suicidal or even hostile shooters. CSone is also designed to integrate seamlessly with existing first-responder systems within the school premise and can as well work with beacons and GPS sensors to identity location and movements of any bad actor.

Aligning to North Carolina legislation requiring schools to have anonymous reporting systems, Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district, which spans across 150 schools with over 150,000 students, was able to smoothly integrate CSone across the district. As a result, they have been able to curb bullying significantly in addition to equipping the whole district with robust anti-bullying means. “We are absolutely committed to student safety and peace of mind when they’re in school,” said CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox. “The ability to report without fear of reprisal is an important part of protecting all students and families.”