EXO U: Transforming Learning Experiences through Mobile Devices

Kevin Pawsey, CEO, EXO UKevin Pawsey, CEO
With the advent of technology trends such as mobile and Bring Your Own Devices BYOD), the education landscape is broadening its horizons. “Students of all ages have access to phones, tablets, pads, laptops and want to learn using them,” says Kevin Pawsey, CEO, EXO U, who has extensive experience in education technology. However, integrating these devices within schools, courses, and universities in a meaningful way, without having to worry about distraction is the biggest challenge the teachers are grappling with. At this juncture, Montreal, QC-based EXO U is endeavoring to help teachers and instructors by providing tools that enable them to keep track on how students are engaged using their mobile devices.

Having worked with Windows platform, EXO U gains better understanding of how to support BYOD 1:1 and the deployment of many different operating systems in the same learning environment. “We aim to make it easy to deploy, simple to use, and affordable,” says Pawsey. With a huge amount of learning and gaining customer feedback on each step occurring along the way, the company currently operates on version 4 of the platform. “We are now at the leading edge of being able to integrate whole class teaching and BYOD strategies to give a great flipped experience,” adds Pawsey.

EXO U partners with educational institutions and offers them the most befitting tools to empower teachers, instructors, and students. “I think our advantage is providing our partners with the relevant tools that help their products get adopted and utilized by educators at all levels,” says Pawsey. The company offers a mobile tool that allows teachers and instructors to make full use of content that is available with them. “We want educational institutions to bring what they already have to the EXO U Platform and use it in an engaging and exciting way for teachers and students,” says Pawsey.

From managing mobile devices to ensuring students are following teachers and instructors to sending out the right content to the right students at the right time, EXO U provides a suite of tools that help them engage the students.

One of EXO U’s customers, Quebec schools wanted to create a stimulating environment for the students to encourage them to enhance their development skills and abilities by integrating digital lessons and cutting edge technology across the curriculum. Additionally, Quebec schools needed teachers to better manage classroom experiences and teach students responsible digital practices, while boosting student engagement, attendance, and test results. EXO U provided teachers with laptop, iPad, and internet access through a wireless network, which in turn helped schools to improve learning outcomes. The teachers, parents, and school administrations strongly acclaimed EXO U for delivering high-impact, measurable results, and easy to use solutions.

I think our advantage is providing our partners with the relevant tools that help their products get adopted and utilized by educators at all levels

EXOU’s workforce’s innate capability and expertise in the field of education technology emphasizes on putting customers’ needs as a top priority. “We want customers to have a fantastic experience with EXO U as we deliver easy to deploy and easy to use solutions,” says Pawsey.

“At a recent ERDI panel, a superintendent called EXOU ‘the technology classroom glue’ and I think that really sums up what we do best,” remarks Pawsey. The company does not want to be recognized as another LMS provider but the one that offers best possible tools for teachers, instructors and students focusing on the teaching and learning in the classroom. In addition, EXO U is well placed to leverage new technologies as and when they emerge to keep the innovation quotient up. “I think the global education market is an exciting place to be and we will continue to improve our reach and learn with our users too,” concludes Pawsey.