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Oscar Ibars, Founder & CEO, GreekXperienceOscar Ibars, Founder & CEO
The decision to be a part of a fraternity or sorority is a life-long commitment for a student entering their college journey. However, while joining fraternities and sororities, potential new members (PNM) tend to make choices that seem convenient to them where their decision to select a particular chapter over another could end up being biased. On the other end, in a race to get the recruitment done, oftentimes, chapters overlook the relevant factors such as understanding what the PNM wants and aligning them with a chapter that matches their expectations. The result is an increase in retention risk as members realize that the picture that they had about the chapter was different or they rushed through their decision on picking a fraternity. They turn out to be misfits and are not motivated to pay the dues or be involved in the organization, as they do not find the values or culture resonating with their outlook. “After conversations with advisors from various fraternities, we realized that the issue was not just confined to a certain community, it was a national one,” begins Oscar Ibars, founder and CEO of GreekXperience.

The need of the hour is a dynamic platform that can overcome the challenge of breaking the ice while providing both the parties with a clear view of whether they are suitable for each other. Set against this backdrop, GreekXperience has developed a value-based recruitment platform that can easily cut through the clutter and find the perfect fraternity match for PNM and vice-versa. The functionality of the platform is very similar to dating apps. “With potential new members at the center point, our platform allows chapters to create a set of measurable membership standards, which reflects their unique values and interests,” remarks Ibars. From a study conducted at Florida International University, GreekXperience narrowed down 10 variables or values that contributed to a member joining a Greek organization. On identifying the ten variables, the company moves to the next step of asking the chapters and the potential members to rate their options on a scale of one to 10 based on their prioritization.

Multiple users right from campus administrators, headquarter advisors, and chapter leaders to existing or potential new students have access to GreekXperience’s secure platform. By signing in and answering a few questions, students can create a profile where they can enter their list of interests. Students can manage their experiences, interact with the different chapters, chat with them, or express their interest in the organization through the customized portal. Further, information can be obtained by reviewing organizations and comparing the student’s checklist of interests with what each chapter offers from a fraternity perspective to understand which one of them is their best match.

With potential new members at the center point, our platform allows chapters to create a set of measurable membership standards, which reflects their unique values and interests

What makes GreekXperience well worth a second look is its platform’s ability to optimize retention through its recruitment tool that functions more efficiently than a database record keeper while saving time and effort. Another noteworthy feature of the platform is its agnostic nature, which guides students to the group that best suits them with the information that is available and assists them in the process of decision-making. By incorporating electronic bid management into chapters’ operations, organizations can gain valuable insights into the potential new member pipeline for improved advising and chapter operations. Removing the “waiting around” factor for the potential recruits, the company’s platform ensures faster and efficient bids to the chapters.

The effectiveness of GreekXperience’s platform has proven to be useful time and again. The GreekXperience team was able to realize the potential of their solution when they were approached by Florida International University for assistance in their Greek Rush registrations. Since the fall of 2016, Florida International University has been in partnership with GreekXperience and utilizing the platform in their IFC recruitment, which showed them a 264 percent jump in the potential new members’ registrations as compared to the previous year. The platform helped both students and organizations make better recruitment decisions, improve their retention as well as student involvement. With robust, values-based recruitment insights, chapters and advisors were able to decide on the next best steps for the whole community while accomplishing growth toward a better, safer fraternity. Regarding GreekXperience’s disruptive platform, the Director of Campus Life for Florida International University, Jose Toscano states, “We have been able to raise the bar on fraternity recruitment, accelerating the achievement toward our expansion goals. GreekXperience has revolutionized the way recruitment is done at Florida International University.”

In the era of everything around going digital, GreekXperience is also on track with the evolving technological trends. The company is currently at the cusp of going live with its mobile app, which will add a significant number of capabilities such as applications for gamification, performance tracking, event check-ins, voting, and other upcoming technologies. The next step for the company is to expand into the sorority markets and cater to their female recruits. “We want to take this opportunity in arming the prospective members who are seeking knowledge and information with the best resources to find out the best organization that suits them,” adds Ibars. Continuing on its innovation streak, GreekXperience’s roadmap entails entering the sorority markets in the upcoming year with geographical expansion plans extending into the Southeastern territories.

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Oscar Ibars, Founder & CEO

GreekXperience creates technology that helps non-affiliated students, members, alumni, chapters and administration; all contribute to a smarter, safer, and more meaningful Greek community. The company envisions optimizing the way college fraternity members are recruited to mitigate membership retention risks, and maximize the potential impact every new member may have in their organizations. With roots in technology and analytics that drive business process efficiency and improve decision-making, GreekXperience works toward ensuring a better college experience for the Greek community. Be it a chapter, headquarter or a Greek council, GreekXperience helps in growing their membership, improve retention while producing a collaborative community