Hippo Video: Video-first Approach to Flipped Classrooms

Nilamchand Jain, Co-founder, Karthi Mariappan S, Co-founder & CEO and Srinivasan Krishnan, Co-founder, Hippo VideoNilamchand Jain, Co-founder, Karthi Mariappan S, Co-founder & CEO and Srinivasan Krishnan, Co-founder
The core competency of flipped classroom models, as opposed to the traditional modes of teaching, is the enhanced learning experience delivered at the student’s fingertips. However, it is not the readily available soft copies of documents or automated alert systems for parents that simulate learning, rather the powerful audiovisuals that manifest as an extension of a personal 1-1 tutor. Such is the potential and promise of video content in the e-learning space. However, many e-learning solution providers tend to sideline video-first approach for flipped classrooms. Tutors commonly rely on disjointed tools for making tutorial videos which often tends to be time-consuming. Furthermore, there are no dedicated tools to measure the performance of the video tutorials as well as their level of impact on the students. Purpose-built to address these predicaments is Hippo Video; a new-gen video platform.

“We provide the whole video cycle in our platform which ranges from creating, editing, and hosting videos to tracking their performance. When students view a video through the platform, we give the teachers a comprehensive analytical report on how many students have viewed the video, for how long, and the level of engagement the video was able to bring about,” says Karthi Mariappan S, Co-founder and CEO at Lyceum Technologies.

Tutors are given information about the ‘watch-time’ of their videos. The company’s platform also allows students to ask for clarifications based on specific sections of the video’s timeline using the option to comment. These videos consist of students’ reaction heat map based on the level of engagement assured by the videos. This proves to be another crucial piece of information that helps video content creators to obtain valuable feedback on how to make videos more engaging for the learners.

Hippo Video is designed as an intuitive and easy-to-use tool for video creation; users can go up and running with the cloud-based platform in a matter of clicks. Karthi believes that wide adoption of video content and its creation can happen only when all necessary tools are not just packaged as a single offering, but also integrated directly into the workflow. Hippo Video has widget-level integration with G Suite which eliminates the need to even switch tabs to begin using the product. This has made it an ideal product, suitable for schools adopting Chromebook powered classrooms or any other tablet. In addition to its cross-compatibility with various other LMS offerings in the market, Hippo Video works seamlessly with Google Classroom. The company also has a dedicated support team, which helps with the on-boarding process and pre-consulting. The company goes an extra mile in implementing valuable feedbacks that they receive from the on-going implementations.

The Orange County School district was able to integrate Hippo Video across one of their schools with precisely mapped hierarchy, roles, and permissions for student groups and teachers. Having successfully piloted Hippo Video in one of their schools, the District School Board of Niagara proceeded to deploy the product in all of their schools. Hippo Video’s ease of use, and in particular, a lower price point has attracted a number of users beyond school ecosystems, such as businesses—for employee training—as well as individuals who use the product personally. Karthi plans to further enhance the compatibility of their offerings with all prominent learning software ecosystems in the market. The company will soon roll out the iOS and Android app versions of their flagship product.