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In the aviation sector, it is of utmost importance for pilots and other flight crew members to maintain stringent decorum while addressing the multiple nuances in their day-to-day operational workflow. While the norm is to offer in-house training for the personnel to take every precautionary step in ensuring a safe flight, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard to offer adequate classes at a closed facility. For educators and corporate workforce trainers, the transformation was indicative of the need for a more proactive approach to interacting with both on-premises and remote students equally. The lack of proper technology tools and connectivity can reduce the quality of the course structure and adversely affect the process of tracking and documenting student or employee progress in their curriculum or career vectors.

With many nations gradually lifting their lockdown regulations, many returning educators in the aviation training space believe that teaching students from a classroom only perspective is in the past. As a mix of online and on-site teaching enters the forte, educators must prepare to impart knowledge in a hybrid environment. However, this form of knowledge delivery poses many risks, such as bad quality study environments and materials, inefficient internet connectivity, or choppy audio and video transmission, disrupting the engagement between the classroom and online participants.

“All these ‘sources of error’ together with ‘bugs’ at the start or during training sessions lead to online students feeling like second-class participants,” expresses Wolfgang Lachinger, Managing Director and COO at infoWERK. “Our focus is to develop a unique learning solution for hybrid teaching or meetings through a well-thought-out connection between software and hardware.” An aviation EdTech specialist company from Austria, infoWERK designs, develops and delivers one of the most comprehensive learning management systems to ensure that attendees receive the right amount of space in taking to the skies and soaring in their careers based on their learning capabilities.

Seamless Classroom Communication

For airlines to deliver a first-class education to their pilots and in-flight crew, infoWERK deploys customizable eLearning software and hardware and eliminates the communication gap between on-site and online students. infoWERK delivers a comprehensive e-learning library that includes thousands of curriculum objectives and more than 100 courses, covering the requirements of the aviation industry from airport to airline. The ease of use provisioned by infoWERK’s Learning Management System also allows users to include additional content such as questionnaires and other test material in adjusting the platform to suit their teaching methods. The virtual classroom module embedded in the LMS empowers users with a wide variety of hybrid training variants, from software-only solutions to a fully equipped classroom. The solutions allow trainers and educators to brew the perfect blend of a regular training process with the right set of software and hardware, effectively addressing the needs of each student irrespective of their locations. This type of approach enables students to understand the lessons better and improve the quality of communication amongst themselves and their peers in the classroom.

Our goal is allowing customers to deliver state of the art training, independent of the students and instructors location by the most simple and intuitive way

Besides the aviation industry, infoWERK also provides turnkey solutions for businesses entering the world of e-learning to train new employees. “We start with a training concept, develop training content and make the study material available to the users through various digital outlets including shop systems. We also manage, track and document the training,” says Lachinger. With superior knowledge of the hardware and software utilized for conferencing, training, and virtual classroom technology, infoWERK combines e-learning content with hybrid training operational workflows to assure that students receive the best evidence and competency-based knowledge transfer. “Our goal is allowing customers to deliver state of the art training, independent of the students’ and instructors’ location in the most simple and intuitive way,” elucidates Lachinger.

Where Software Meets Hardware

infoWERK’s Virtual Classroom (VC) Pro system provides educators with the tools they require to manage live classes in a hybrid environment and seamlessly integrate remote and local students. An all-inclusive aviation eLearning package, VC Pro includes a control station and presentation and meeting displays. Educators can use the touch control system to manage all connected hardware via a server that runs on a Linux architecture. The large display or primary screen of the VC Pro system allows students in the classroom to get a comprehensive view of the content, while remote students can view a zero-downtime stream on their mobile devices. To ensure that all students are paying attention during a training session, educators can view every individual remote screen on the meeting display while allowing students to view the classroom via an attached full HD webcam. For a clear audio experience, infoWERK also integrates a professional wireless microphone system. In addition, VC Pro also allows students in the classroom to connect with their remote peers to form workgroups.

To further enhance the educational experience for students, infoWERK has developed its innovative aviation EdTech solution ‘iv-sim’—an ATR aircraft cockpit simulator. Using the system, aviation trainers can optimally share information with entry-level crew members or trainee pilots. The holistic approach and combination of theoretical courses with core virtual visualizations of typical flight operations allow students to learn effectively and put their knowledge to the test. With the delivery of this type of connectivity and communication amongst students and trainers, clients using infoWERK’s system can maintain their worldwide customer base. ivsim allows students or new staff to understand and address situations they may face appropriately and further expand training activities to other areas they may excel. A competency-based training approach assures that students are memorizing the theoretical training material and putting the new skills they have acquired into action.

  • Our focus is to develop a unique learning solution for hybrid teaching or hybrid meetings through a well-thought-out connection between software and hardware

Simulated Core Competence

Presented on an interactive flat panel training screen, pilots can simulate a virtual flight procedural workflow, starting with the outside check of the aircraft, cockpit preparation, startup, take-off, cruise, descend landing to leaving, and parking the aircraft. Re-enacting real-life experiences, trainees in the virtual classroom are subject to actual flight operations and the required proficiency and skill on aircraft mechanics, allowing for effective handling of the inherent system at every phase of a flight. To validate an aviation flight crew or pilot trainee, educators subject them to tests within the iv-sim platform. Only students that pass the examination are allowed to follow through to the next chapter on completion. Not only does this e-learning approach provide the required theoretical knowledge to obtain a flying license or in-flight service rating, but it also familiarizes the pilot with the cockpit interface, checklist work, flight procedures, and elements of crew resource management.

"The idea is to train pilots on the theoretical knowledge of their future workplace in an artificial recreation of a cockpit"

For one aviation training company, infoWERK set up a full hybrid version of its platform, combining off-the-shelf courseware, customized study material, plus a Virtual Classroom setup for hybrid instruction delivery. “All managed and tracked by our LMS, the client was able to continue their training activities as well as expand to other areas while maintaining their worldwide customer base during COVID-19 restrictions,” says Lachinger. Collaborating with a customer from the automotive industry that had extravagant training requirements for internal and external stakeholders, infoWERK was able to design and set up an educational program from the ground up. The project included defining the training goals, developing various training content for the course, including management and tracking, and adding an online store for their customers.

A small company with a continuous innovation plan, the leadership at infoWERK credits its success to its long-term, highly-skilled, and motivated staff that respond to changes or specific customer requirements quickly and guarantee first-class service and support. “Our existing customers appreciate the high quality of our eLearning products, and the fast response time to customer inquiries or problems along with the excellent after support we offer,” concludes Lachinger.

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Innsbruck, Austria

Wolfgang Lachinger, Managing Director and COO

An aviation EdTech specialist company, infoWERK designs, develops and delivers one of the most comprehensive learning management systems to ensure that every attendee receives the right amount of space to grow and develop their careers based on their learning capabilities. Offering Aviation and other Training Organisations distance training solutions that allow for first-class knowledge delivery, infoWERK deploys customizable solutions that are processed to the requirements to eliminate the communication gap with on-site and online students. Besides the aviation industry, infoWERK also provides turnkey solutions for businesses entering the world of e-learning to train new employees.