Advancing Education through Technology

Greg Lamkin, CEO, JourneyEd.comGreg Lamkin, CEO
The modern day classroom is a far cry from the dusty chalkboards, heavy textbooks, and one sided interaction that were prevalent in the past. The tech revolution has dramatically influenced K12 learning and today, wireless devices, interactive software solutions, virtual applications, and tablets are a common scenario even in elementary schools. “A pertinent challenge faced by most K-12 schools is equal prioritization for access to technology. Technology resellers are often biased towards large corporate and government clients and in that scenario, educational institutions, especially smaller ones, lose out on effective pricing, support and consultation,” remarks Greg Lamkin, CEO, With an exclusive focus on the academic industry, services large and small schools equally— regardless of their location, size or academic pursuit. assists K-12 schools with everything from technology requirements, to contract negotiations, evaluation, implementation, and upgrades.'s offering include a wide variety of product and service options—from software and hardware, to device accessories, to digital learning curriculum which seamlessly fit into any school’s technology ecosystem. Moreover, the company offers a host of IT network services and solutions such as wireless network solutions, network security, IT asset lifecycle management, and network virtualization. To keep up with the changing demands of a mobile world, also provides low cost IT device management solutions that eliminate challenges in mobile adoption. This cloud based solution helps bring complete visibility and control of all devices, automates maintenance of hardware and software, handles security issues in real-time and improves performance.

We fulfill the unique need for a technology reseller exclusively focused on the academic industry

Governed by a mission to deliver innovative products in the easiest and most cost efficient way, JourneyEd. com focuses on extending quality service to their clients. “One of our key initiatives is a custom eProcurement infrastructure that allows us to integrate our custom ecommerce sites with a school’s existing procurement system,” says Lamkin. With this academic specific eProcurement solution, technology buyers at schools can not only use their existing procurement system but in addition have access to an extensive catalog of technology products. The company also has an ever growing array of high quality partner relationships and an experienced team of employees who are adept in complex volume licensing programs and account management.

For instance, in the case of Paramus Public School, the client was spending a considerable amount of time researching on Microsoft volume licensing programs. With the help of’s account management team, Paramus Public School could select the best option for the Microsoft program. “’s vast knowledge in technology and their sound opinions enabled us to adopt an optimal program structure, in line with the needs of our institution,” states Kathleen McCann, Technology Coordinator, Paramus Public Schools.

With the goal of expanding their computer repair services, JourneyEd. com recently initiated physical repair centers for K12 schools districts in Texas. Over time, the company plans on further augmenting and expanding their support services for computer repair services available in educational institutions. “We know how hard everyone in the K-12 world is working to improve the country’s education and we plan to assist the academic industry by providing exclusive and innovative technology products for years to come,” ends the CEO.