Learnetic: New Edge E-Learning Platform

Artur Dyro, President & CEO, LearneticArtur Dyro, President & CEO
In an intensifying digital learning landscape, it is imperative for publishers to work together to make e-learning pedagogy more engaging and streamlined. A major challenge that most publishers face is the lack of standardization in migrating from print to digital, since all the available e-publishing platforms differ in their process and deliverance. This inconsistency is also visible across e-learning platforms where students end up logging in to multiple learning platforms to access the digital content of different subjects. Learnetic, a technology firm, aims to bring uniformity to this chaotic digital learning landscape by enabling institutions to collate e-content from multiple publishers under one learning management system (LMS). The firm’s suite of software tools and services helps produce highly interactive content and orchestrates adaptive learning.

“Our aim is to make the process of developing interactive digital content as systematic as the production of print content,” says Artur Dyro, president and CEO, Learnetic. Effectuating the vision, Learnetic has developed a suite of advanced software applications—mAuthor, mCourser, and mLibro—that support all the stages of e-publishing.

Learnetic’s e-publishing platform, mAuthor, utilizes a powerful combination of tools to author highly interactive digital content as well as coordinate project workflows. mAuthor also licenses content to share it with other publishers in a specific format. “When you have a standardized technology, publishers can easily add information without any hassle or update content that would be compatible with newer versions of browsers and devices,” says Dyro. mAuthor is currently used by leading educational publishers worldwide to standardize their digital content production. Few notable publishers using mAuthor are Pearson, McGraw Hill, Klett, Net Dragon (China), Aksorn (largest Thai publisher), and Porto Editora (largest Portuguese publisher).

Being an IT company as well as an educational publisher, we truly understand the growing requirements of the e-learning industry

While the development of advanced and interactive e-content is essential, what is equally important for a progressive e-learning solution is to have a well distributed LMS that has the ability to collect information from different publishers and present it through a unified platform. Learnetic’s mCourser, a comprehensive e-learning platform, renders this capability and allows integration with third-party LMS and coalesces e-content from multiple publishers in one suite.

Dyro also notes that students sometimes face problems with low internet bandwidth, owing to multiple users accessing a school’s Wi-Fi network, which causes difficulty in connecting to online e-learning platforms. In the age of digital revolution, where user data forms the basis of performing in-depth analysis and generating reports, failing to track a student’s academic performance becomes a major setback for educational institutions. Addressing the situation, Learnetic integrates mCourser platform with Learnetic’s native smartphone application, mLibro, and allows digital content to be downloaded and used offline. User data stored in the application is later synchronized with the mCourser platform when students log in online.

Empowering instructors to design and create their own interactive content, Learnetic offers mInstructor, a tool specifically designed for teachers. Once teachers complete creating their own e-content, which can be original or customized commercial content, they can easily share it with other instructors through mInstructor or use it on the mCourser platform.

“Being an IT company as well as an educational publisher, we truly understand the growing requirements of the e-learning industry,” says Dyro. He mentions that the governments in the U.S. and EU are currently endeavoring to promote the creation of interactive content for students with disabilities. With no players fulfilling this requirement, Learnetic is committed to develop this feature and bring yet another innovative wave in the digital learning industry.