| | October 20202Edulink enables educators to evaluate staff (in-person or online) and manage compliance items and health & safety protocols all in one place.Edulink's web-based software has been helping school districts, intermediate units, charter schools and CTCs maintain compliance with PA Act 82, Act 48, and other state mandates and district requirements since 1998. In preparation for the 2020-2021 school year, Edulink has worked in collaboration with the PA Department of Education to modify our software to help more than 100,000 Pennsylvania educators overcome their COVID-19-related challenges and prevent workflow disruption.ARE YOU PREPARING FOR THE NEW NORMAL IN 2020-2021?STAY ON TOP OF TEACHER EVALUATION MANDATES, FINISH OBSERVATIONS FASTER AND COLLABORATE MOREPA-ETEP is used by over 440 school districts and 100,000+ educators, making it the #1 evaluation management tool in Pennsylvania.EASILY TRACK AND MANAGE COMPLIANCE ITEMS AND SUBMIT ACT 48 HOURS TO PERMSCOMPLY is keeping PA schools in compliance with Act 48, clearances, mandated trainings and other district and state requirements.Visit EdulinkSolutions.com to learn more about how to streamline and manage your evaluations and compliance items!100% ALIGNED with PA Act 82
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