Mitel [NASDAQ:MITL]: Smart Collaboration for Student Engagement

Richard D. McBee CEO & President, MitelRichard D. McBee CEO & President
In today’s fast paced, mobile marketplace, effective real-time communications is imperative for every organization’s success. Today, the changing nature of student population in higher education and their diversification has challenged schools and universities to boost their overall student engagement. Educational institutions are seeking innovative solutions to seamlessly connect, collaborate, and communicate through a single high-speed network. Empowering two billion business connections is Mitel [NASDAQ:MITL]—a best-in-class collaboration software provider that enables education providers to seamlessly connect, collaborate, and share information among students, staff, and parents, regardless of their learning environment. “We were in the cloud/ hosted space when the sun was shining on the on-site and on-premises systems market; and converging voice, video and data will remain the bedrock of our business—it is the golden ticket,” says Richard McBee, President and CEO of Mitel.

Mitel’s education solutions integrate all forms of collaboration—voice, video calling, instant messaging, and web presentation—into one solution to provide a highly collaborative environment. With Mitel’s education solutions, schools and universities can maximize the operating efficiencies within the individual facility and the entire district, enhance school safety, and help improve student outcomes.

The firm also provides schools with advanced IP-based communications platforms, which encompass an extensive portfolio of IP phones and complementary applications—including conferencing and collaboration, messaging, wireless, security monitoring, and mobility to help schools meet the next-generation communications needs. Mitel’s IP-based communications solutions also provide instant access to superior features, functions, and applications, such as mobile handsets and broadcast alert capabilities. These help schools monitor, mitigate and quickly react to security threats and crisis anywhere on school grounds and take necessary actions.

Converging voice, video and data will remain the bedrock of our business—it is the golden ticket

Whether it is a conference call or collaboration session, activities are recorded, saved in standard formats, optimized for small file size, and distributed easily among the session participants. Important files associated with the sessions are securely stored, allowing session leaders to access the sensitive information during the web conference.

In addition, Mitel also takes a unique approach towards addressing the compliance issues, helping education providers deliver secure communications, record calls, reduce energy consumption, and help to keep staff and students safe. With Mitel IP Communications students can also work remotely, allowing the university to offer extended hours of operation, enhancing exchange of thoughts and improving the speed and quality of decision making.

In one instance, Bexhill High, an international technology community college, needed a new state-of-the-art telephone system to match the technologically advanced facility as well as create seamless communication and collaboration across 250 staff and teachers. The client deployed Mitel’s IP-based communications solutions, which provided them with advanced features to better connect staff, parents, and students. “It was clear that Mitel could offer a cost-effective IP communications solution, and one that didn’t compromise on features and capability,” says Jon Martin, ICT Programme Manager at East Sussex County Council. “With the advanced network and classroom facilities, Bexhill is ideally set up to take full advantage of the video conferencing capabilities offered by Mitel and set up a collaborative approach to learning.”

Forging ahead, the firm plans to bring more innovations to its collaboration software—with the core focus on improving student outcomes by transforming the ways schools and universities teach and learn. The firm also plans to extend its services across various geographical locations. With the best in-class collaboration software, the firm continues to stay true to its philosophy of helping students develop the skills required to succeed in a competitive employment market by effectively communicating with schools and universities.