3 Steps For CIOs: Augmenting Technology for Efficient Leadership Training

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, August 28, 2019


The technologies available for leadership training are numerous. By choosing the right kind of system necessary for application in the program can be intimidating. The three ways to offset the training sessions with the correct technology is as follows.

FREMONT, CA: Leadership training challenges are tricky as most of it is generalized or off-the-shelf. The training tools utilized to overcome these challenges impact the individuals and the efficiency of the program. With the help of the right technology, the problems can be overcome, and the training can be successfully aligned with technology to create a more impactful program.

·   Focus On Individuals:

Due to its unstrained reputation, technology is known to be efficient and is utilized to simplify and create a deeper meaning. But it is impersonal and cold. When seen in a brighter light, the impersonal feature of the technology will highlight the warmness of human interaction and enhances it.

In learning, the technology can be leveraged by learners if both entities meet halfway. For example, microlearning focuses more on sectional education, where the student or the learner is trained in bits and pieces so that the subject can be tackled at a pace the learners are comfortable with. By embracing the flexibility presented by the communication tools, which allows the leader to converse and conduct a business dealing over video call or voice suggests that the needs of the individuals are met. An effective LMS simplifies tasks and content for the learners to understand and teachers to teach.

·   Using Immersive Leadership Training In Classrooms:

An unprecedented ability to put the theories learned into practical scenarios is what the immersive training technology offers. Role-playing and practicing scenarios in the office or during a task can result in giving imprinted knowledge and sense of the world around. To establish seriousness from the learner’s side into the system, videos with actors enacting the scenarios to simulate the depth of the situation, which can be tackled only by the technology. As immersive training closely mimics reality, it helps the leadership roles to derive inspiration and practice handling the situations.   

·   Measure Progress:

Measuring the progress of learners and the effectiveness of content in leadership training is irksome. When the forgetting curve for any instructor-led workshops is considered, about 50 percent of the learners forget the information in two weeks. Technology needs to be identified in such a way that it will fulfill this gap. The integration of learning portal to reporting software and analytics will track the performance of the learner after the initial training. The technology incorporated for training has the scope to present a detailed framework to tweak the results by modifying the training sessions making the whole program tangible and yielding. 

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