3 Ways To Improve Soft Skills In Onboarding Online Training

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 04, 2020

New hires need all the help to fit into the team dynamic and to boost up their talent in the new environment, here are some ways to improve soft skills in onboarding online training.

FREMONT, CA: In order to fine-tune the talents of new hires to meet organizational standards, the company needs to provide a proper platform for them to boost up their potential. Soft skills are the best option for onboarding online training, and soft skills can be improved in onboarding online training without going over budget.

Here are tips for how to improve soft skills in onboarding online training that cut costs without compromising staffer engagement:

1. Pair New Hires With Experienced Staffers

Experienced co-workers and insider know-how can benefit new hires. It is better to pair employee training participants with seasoned staffers who exhibit stellar soft skills for better outcomes. Peer coaches should meet with new hires once in a while to evaluate their progress and offer support. They can also provide a new list of resources; employee training participants can use to expand their skill set. In this way, coaches/mentors get the chance to showcase their skills and prevent common errors.

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2. Launch A Social Media Support Group

Most of the workers spend a lot of time on social media. So, it is a better way to reach them where they are by launching an online support group. On this platform, all the workers can easily share personal stories, challenges, and tips to help their peers and identify areas for improvement. They don’t have to worry about posting their weak points in a public forum because it is a closed group. It is also a centralized place for them to post relevant online resources and chat about upcoming online training events or task changes.

3. Gamify To Track Skill Development

In online onboarding training, gamify your entire new hire course for making soft skills. Every skill brings a unique reward because it earns a new badge; they can show off to co-workers or moves them one spot up the leader board. This process will motivate the employees and will enable the coaches to evaluate their progress. The people who earn fewer rewards or no rewards can be sent for peer coaching or training contracts.

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