5 Ways ML will Revolutionize Education Sector

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Machine learning is all set to revolutionalize the field of education.

FREMONT, CA: Old school educators are having a hard time getting used to technologies having the potential to think and learn and suggest that machine learning will change the education sector. However, they will have to come to grips with this new reality. Education is moving away from conventional rows of students looking at the same textbook while a teacher teaches from the front of the classroom. Today’s classrooms are not simply evolving to use more technology and digital resources, but they are also investing in machine learning. Here is how ML applies to the education industry.

• Increasing Efficiencytop artificial intelligence companies

Machine learning in artificial intelligence (AI) can make educators more efficient by completing tasks like classroom management, scheduling, and many more. In turn, educators are free to stress on tasks that cannot be achieved by AI and that demand a human touch.

• Learning Analytics

Machine learning as learning analytics can help teachers gain insight into data that cannot be analyzed using the human brain. Computers can run deep dives into data in this capacity, sifting through millions of content and making connections and conclusions that positively affect the teaching and learning process.

• Predictive Analytics

Machine learning, like predictive analytics, can make conclusions about things that may happen in the future. For example, using a data set of middle school students’ cumulative records, predictive analytics can tell educators which ones are more likely to drop out because of academic failure or even their predicated score on an exam.

• Adaptive Learning.

Machine learning as adaptive learning can be leveraged to remediate struggling students or challenge gifted ones. Adaptive learning is a technology-powered or online educational system that analyzes a student’s performance in real-time and modifies teaching and the curriculum based on that data.

• Personalized Learning

Machine learning as personalized learning can be leveraged to offer each student an individualized educational experience. Personalized learning is a learning model where students navigate their learning, going at their pace and, in some cases, making their own decisions about what to study. Students opt for what they’re interested in in the classroom using personalized learning, and teachers fit the curriculum and standards to the students’ needs.

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