A New Era in LMS

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, March 19, 2020

With time, the education industry is profoundly changing and also generating significant changes in the Learning Management System (LMS). Today LMS has evolved to be the primary access point for the students’ interactions and course materials.

FREMONT, CA: Absorb LMS is motivated by the goal of building a better and easier way to use Learning Management Systems (LMS). The company’s commitment towards the progress of LMS became more evident when it invested over $3 million in research and development for redesigning its software’s administrator console and its underlying code-base. The reason behind this awareness: the team realized that if they continued to work with the old framework, then the organizational progress would come to a standstill.

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The new framework of Absorb is more like the applications that are available in the smartphones as it can move to a rapid update release cycle. The timely updates allow Absorbs to release updates improving the functionality for the clients continuously.

LMS has also improved the administrative workflows with its Actionable Reporting Interface. With the new interface, the administrator can not only see their data but also act on that data. According to Absorb’s VP of Learning Solutions Dan Medakovic, “an admin could easily create a filtered report showing all learners from a certain department that have been enrolled in a course for more than, say, seven days, who still have not started the course.” He further explains that actionable reporting is just another example of how Absorb LMS is achieving their goal of building a better LMS which their user can easily use.

Absorb’s Learning Management System (LMS) with its flexible tools have created well-planned learning scenarios in the educational system. For the enhancement in LMS technology Absorb is considered among the Top 10 Hottest LMS Companies- 2015 By Education Technology Insights.

The acquisition of eLogic learning gave Absorb a massive leap towards their growing ambition of expanding the eLogic global client base. The increase of client globally will ultimately drive Absorb to the international LMS market. Besides, the increasing acceleration and customer acquisition will help eLogic to widen their access to world-class talent and also deepen their vertical industry expertise in areas such as healthcare, retail, and casual dining.

Absorb LMS has already found a secure connection with an educational institute such as Vanderbilt University, University of Indiana, and Johns Hopkins University. 

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