Achieving Web Security with Advanced Content Filtering Technology

Education Technology Insights | Saturday, April 27, 2019

Protecting students from the dark parts of the internet is made simple with the emergence of futuristic web content filtering technology. By embracing this new technique, K-12 schools are ensuring student safety without compromising on their privacy. The all-new content filtering mechanism masks the irrelevant, triggering, dangerous and harmful information on the web and safeguards the young users from the cyberbullying activities. This selective content filtering technique adds a new dimension to the parental control software applications. K-12 and many on other digital educators are availing tremendous benefits from the software, which provides features to track the students’ activities online continuously.

Content filtering software system scrutinizes the web and tackles all the vectors, which can bring in objectionable content to the students’ interface. Cutting all the obsolescence modes and sites, including social media pages, web, and mobile-based applications and other open-source platforms web filters check and encrypt traffic and extend their services to external cloud servers. Featuring next-generation capabilities advanced content filters successfully balance online data and safety.

Integrating machine learning, cloud computing, VPN security and many other technologies, the next-generation content filtering software solution has the potential to conceptualize the searched information and mark dark data using intelligent contextualization algorithms. The system supports functions such as smart covers which help in exposing only secure data to the students and blocking the rest, and unique social media control options to filter social media content.

However, it is crucial to understand that no technology can completely block harmful content on the World Wide Web (WWW). Also, few filters allow the users to request access to blocked content. Educating the young minds about the harmful consequences of the darker side of the internet stands as the ultimate solution to achieve student safety and privacy.                                  

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