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Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Over 6,000,000 students today enroll for online courses—online and digital learning continue to expand in the university area. The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) supports educators, leaders, online teachers, and organizations around the world that shape a university's future. OLC is a premium organization committed to the creation and assurance of online and digital learning quality standards. The firm conferences bring educators, managers, designers, and various digital learning professionals together to learn, network, and share their experiences in eLearning transformation.

OLC is a collaborative community of high school leaders and innovators dedicated to the advancement of high-quality digital education. With a broad variety of resources, OLC inspires innovation and quality including best-practice publications, leading-edge instruction, benchmarking quality, community-based conferences, practicing, and empirical research and guidance by experts. The growing OLC community is made up of administrators, educational designers, faculty members, trainers, and other learning professionals, educational institutions, and businesses. In online education, quality is the key driver for OLC.  The company holds the Five Pillars of Quality Online Education, building blocks that support successful online learning in order to help institutions identify goals and measure progress toward them.

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The OLC today announced that the new members of the OLC board of directors are Kaye Shelton, Ph.D., and Tanya Joosten, Ph.D. Dr. Shelton has been an OLC quality contributor for a long time as he is a professor of education leader at the Center for Doctoral Studies at the College of Education at Lamar University. For her research in the OLC Quality ScoreCard for online education program administration, she has received the OLC Effective Practice Award and has been heavily involved in the national and international usage of the OLC Online Program Management Quality Scorecard, as adopted by Latin American institutions. She is also an evaluator and conducts workshops on the implementation of the OLC Quality Scorecard. Her prior experience included serving at Dallas Baptist University as Dean of Online Education. Since 1999 has been teaching online as an online consultant for education.

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Like Dr. Shelton, during her career in digital learning, Dr. Joosten worked actively with OLC. She is currently the senior scientist, digital learning research and development manager, co-PI, and co-director of the National Research Center for Distance Education and Technological Advancements (DETA) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is nationally recognized for her combined and online learning work as an OLC fellow and works on campus, the whole UW system and nationally to guide strategic digital learning efforts. Dr. Joosten has formerly been the director at the Learning Technology Centre, leading professional development and engagement initiatives, supervision of core learning technology and development of blended and online programming.

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