AI in Education, For Students and the Teacher

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most-utilized technologies of the current generation, which has found application in all possible fields across different industries, in various contexts. AI can be used in the building of impactful educational tools to enable a deeper understanding and personalize education. Here are a few mentions of how AI can change the pages of education shortly:

The applications of AI in education is multifarious, the omnipresent nature can power the natural language processing algorithms to grade student assignments without any human input or error. Besides, the use of virtual reality with AI can simulate complex problems for the students to solve and learn.

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Students can be transported to a page in history or shrunk to the size of an ant, all this while sitting inside the classroom with the power of simulations and VR.  To make this experience real, AI is used to create realistic virtual scenarios making the most challenging subject fun to learn. A combination of AI and machine learning can understand the student weaknesses and design a custom-tailored syllabus while studying and can be used in creating the whole curriculum in the future.

The power of processing large data sets can be applied in the field of education in preparing curriculums, scheduling, and recognizing groups of students who need similar attention. The capacity of carrying out repetitive tasks in less time helps in lowering the teacher’s burden so that increased time can be spent with the students. These features not only provide exciting opportunities to students but also aid companies manufacturing the same. The applications of AI will be a fundamental part of the classroom in the future, and raise the bar of education to a level that would have been impossible for educators from previous generations to imagine.

It is essential for us to focus our technologies onto the field of education as it will spark a light in the minds of young. They are the future of our generation, and we owe it to them to provide the best of the technologies and sciences earlier the better. The potential of the student can be recognized by their ability to question, and we must make sure they have questions, be it with the use of AI.



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