AI Transforming the Education Sector

Education Technology Insights | Monday, February 11, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming normalized in everyone’s lives. It has eventually found its way in the education sector, and it will present a massive change for the students and teachers around the world. Many educational institutions and academics have hopped on the AI bandwagon and have already introduced it in the classrooms. Developed countries have introduced AI-powered learning in their education system. Even though it is in the infancy stage, the outcomes are excellent.

Blended Learning

It is a type of learning process where AI and a conventional classroom are fused. This program assists the teacher; however, it does not replace the human teacher. Blended learning uses AI-powered software that helps students perform better and learn more efficiently. If a student is slower than the rest of the class, then the program supports the student to improve and learn faster.

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Virtual Learning

AI is providing learning experiences in a virtual environment. For example, learning foreign languages is easier for students as tech companies are developing simulated situations where the students can learn and practice their knowledge and skills of the foreign language without even traveling to the respective country. This relieves the students of the pressure of making mistakes. This can also be called 360-degree learning. In the simulation, the characters, locations, and situations are AI-powered and animated. 

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Customized Learning

Customized learning which can also be called personalized learning is focused on the needs of individual students. Personalized learning fused with AI enables teachers to provide individualized lessons for every student. Moreover, students with autism can benefit from this combination. To help the students who face difficulties in learning, modern intelligent instruction design and digital platforms are used to provide learning, teaching, and feedback to help them stay engaged. AI in personalized learning challenges each student based on their skills. It determines gaps in a student’s knowledge and assists in covering it. AI-powered personalized training helps students learn from foreign teachers with a translator. There is a free plug-in available that creates subtitles in real-time.

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