AI Will Transform the Learning Experience

Education Technology Insights | Monday, June 18, 2018

Humans and machines coexisting is no more the future; it is the present. And this “present” is revolutionizing the world of education at a rapid pace. With primary and middle-school students increasingly using tablets and online learning tools, technology is becoming an integral part of classrooms, just like chalk and blackboards.

The growth and the impact of edtech have already spurred the rise of a multitude of adaptive learning platforms. Along with that, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are also gaining traction. In fact, it is predicted that artificial intelligence will positively transform education in the coming years. The future offers the potential of even greater tools and support. Imagine how AI-powered learning tools can transform into lifelong companions for individuals to gather knowledge about new subjects—beyond formal learning—and measure their knowledge in the form of assessments and shape their learning experience in real time.

Moreover, learning is now turning into a truly immersive experience inside and outside the classroom. At the same time, there are numerous artificial reality tools, which are changing the traditional classroom-style pedagogy into meaningful real-world experiences. The “one size fits all” rule is no longer prevalent in today’s smart learning systems.

Indeed, AI and edtech are not a panacea for systemic challenges. But, AI will be able to bring the next giant leap in education, transforming learning into a riveting experience.

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