Algorithm and its Benefits in Education

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 30, 2019

Algorithms have found application in a wide range of fields such as psychology, social media, and transportation. It has recently entered the field of education to make life easier for students and teachers.

FREMONT, CA: Smartphone applications such as video games, travel websites, online dating, or e-book work based on algorithms. The computer code conjointly helps the gadgets to respond to face detection, drive cars, voice commands, and even sort photos. 

Educational institutes have started applying algorithm-based learning applications to provide prescriptive learning to their students. There are many ways in which schools can benefit from this computer code. For example, the cafeteria of a school can use the multi-step formula to align cooking and preparation times so that every component of the meal is ready at the same time. Here are two of the most popular uses of an algorithm. 

1. Prescriptive Learning

Migrant students, most of the time, travel from one place to a different due to family reasons and end up missing elements of their school. These days, schools, with the help of the computer codes, have started providing personalized education, which means learners can study whenever and wherever they want. Instead of the traditional book, study materials and classes are given through audio and video. Prescriptive learning helps the pupils because they get individualized instruction, which makes it easier for them to understand their subjects. 

2. Unified Enrollment

Across the world, schools in many cities have already started implementing unified enrollment (UE). The sophisticated algorithm recommends schools that match the criteria of each student. Sometimes, the traditional enrollment procedure can be biased in nature, and the computer code can be used to remove that to an extent. 

The efficiency of algorithms can lead to creativeness and self-expression. It is an asset to improve the life of human beings. There is no limit to the tasks that can be done by applying this computer code.

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