Amazon Beams its Cloud Infrastructure to Classrooms through AWS Educate

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Amazon brings its state of the art cloud platforms to the classrooms in order to foster a skilled workforce that is ready to perform and excel while working with cloud computing technologies. The ecommerce and cloud services company offers educators, students, and educational institutions an opportunity to get accustomed to the real-world cloud computing paradigm.

The program, AWS Educate, is free for educational institutions, educators, and students once their application is approved by the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Promoting cloud technologies into the academic curriculum, the program eases educators’ task to find relevant content material as well as real-world cloud platforms to provide students with hands-on experience on cloud computing.

Salient features of AWS Educate include:

AWS credits: educators and students who are part of an institution – which happens to be a member of the program – are eligible to receive additional AWS credits. They can apply for and redeem AWS credits for eligible services including Amazon EC2, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Elastic MapReduce, and more.

Training and hands-on experience: Educators and students can get hands-on experience on AWS technologies through access to self-paced labs; online access to AWS Essentials courses for educators is designed to provide an understanding of AWS products and common solutions

Platforms for information sharing: events both on-the-ground and online are charted out to help AWS Educate community to be able to integrate cloud technology into their curriculum; availability of discussion forum helps educators to share knowledge and build on their skills

Deeper Information: Access to webinars on best practices, customer case studies, and instructional videos on AWS services empower AWS Educate members with sufficient learning material to be used for coaching in classrooms

Educator content: The AWS Educate members have access to more than 100 educator-uploaded materials from some of the best computer science universities around the world including Harvard University, Stanford University. The learning material includes full courses, syllabi, lectures, and homework assignments.

“AWS Educate completely changes the scope of the resources we can make available for the project -- even in a large class, they see what it takes to truly harness Hadoop, cloud key-value stores, and clusters of virtual machines. This experience is imperative to giving them the ability and confidence to succeed in their future careers. I’m happy to share my coursework with the AWS Educate educator community, and look forward to learning from fellow computer science professors,” said Professor Zack Ives, University of Pennsylvania, who played a role in developing course materials and assignments.

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