Amy Lowery Joins APL nextED

Education Technology Insights | Monday, December 14, 2020

APL nextED appoints Amy Lowery to its team as Vice President of marketing, showing its commitment to hiring people to have deep expertise.

FREMONT, CA: APL nextED adds Amy Lowery to its leadership team as Vice President of Marketing. Lowery has served nearly all of her decade-long career in marketing, serving in the higher education sector. During her tenure as a marketing pioneer in education, she has managed high-performing creative teams, developed and executed strategic digital marketing strategies, and developed long-term partnerships with vital stakeholders.

Amy's extensive experience in managing marketing for a higher education sector has given her a unique understanding of the market. She not only knows how to communicate and reach customers, but she understands the unique and essential role that APL nextED's buyers have at their institutions and how critical they are to the success of their institutions. Lowery's joining to the APL team is proof of APL's commitment to hiring people who have strong experience and understanding of the objectives, values, and hurdles of the academic leaders transformed with executing their institution's academic mission.

APL nextED offers a comprehensive Academic Operations Platform that centralizes workflows and data in a single hub, bringing faculty and administrators together to interact and collaborate. Through this collaboration, silos are broken down, and complex manual processes and workflows like staffing, contracting, compensation, workload, evaluation, and professional development are automated.

APL nextED is a leading academic operations platform that brings academic teams together in one centralized hub, worked together, faculty, staff, and administrators access and share data and resources as they serve their institutions in achieving their academic mission.

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