An AI-Driven Tool that Motivates Children's Reading

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 09, 2019

The Secret Agent Mia Book Club builds motivation among struggling or resistant readers’ and connects passionate young readers with a sound stream of new books.

FREMONT, CA: Parents can bid farewell to all the possible tactics that they use to get their screen-obsessed children to make them read on their own. A father’s struggle to get his son to learn to love books despite a reading-specific learning disability gave rise to Mia Learning.

Mia Learning’s software helps elementary school students choose books for recreation and independent reading by providing tailored research-based coaching and recommendations that develops the skill of choosing well. Mia provides districts and schools with data about pupils’ progression as readers and facilitates them to join hands with non-profit literacy organizations and parents to build personal libraries for students.

To further the advancement, Mia Learning announced the launch of its new Secret Agent Mia Book Club. Decades of study finds that perking up the motivation to read and increasing the reading volume has more impact on children’s reading than using any instructional practice. The club builds motivation among struggling or resistant readers’ and connects passionate young readers with a sound stream of new books.

Mia Learning’s efficient tool is designed with the help of experts’ research. An assessment funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) shows that Mia boosted pupils’ motivation at a 32 percent annualized rate, benefiting both gifted and struggling readers.

Furthermore, for the first time, Secret Agent Mia’s Book Club will also make the software available directly to families, enabling the children to pick and own new books each month. The club uses AI technology and voice chatbot, which is secure, private, and proven useful to deepen children’s love of reading.

How the Club Works:

Children talk with Secret Agent Mia, a voice chatbot, and get to choose books from Mia’s personalized suggestions and receive the copies in the form of print books each month.

 Recommend: AI linked to the experts’ knowledge about reading, learning, and books helps Mia give personalized recommendations that reflect each student’s unique interests, abilities, challenges, and dreams.  

• Read: Mia delivers new print copies of two books children choose from Mia’s suggestions to their home each month.

 Reflect: Mia talks with learners again after they have read a book by helping them reflect on their experiences and offers tailored video coaching to assist them in getting more out of reading. 

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