An Education Platform Helping Schools Improve Community Engagement

By Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, January 08, 2020

K12 Insight’s Let’s Talk! customer experience platform helps improve and measure community engagement and customer satisfaction across the district.

FREMONT, CA: K12 Insight, an education management company recently announced that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) has selected its Let’s Talk! customer experience platform to help improve and measure community engagement and customer satisfaction across the district. Let’s Talk! is a creative cloud-based communication solution that reaches over four million parents, teachers, students, and staff. The platform is now made accessible for families and students.

With more than 19, 000 teachers, administrators, and support staff along with over 147,000, CMS is one of the school districts in the United States. In a large school district, listening and responding to the public concerns amounts to a multifaceted, often cluttered task with repetitive effort. So, administrators make use of K12 Insight’s technology to measure customer satisfaction, speed community response times, and streamline sensitive emergency communications.

Available via a mobile application or through a button or tab on district or school websites, Let’s Talk! will assist CMS leadership to:

Listen: Students, staff, and parents can provide feedback 24/7 from any device in a secure and safe environment.

Respond: The system time-stamps and instantly routes each inquiry to the right person or persons for a timely, accurate, courteous, and inclusive response.

Collaborate: A universal inbox allows school staff across different departments to advance workflow and collaborate on replies.

Mitigate Risk: An exclusive critical alerts attribute creates a notification when comments or questions containing particular keywords like suicide or guns are received.

K12 Insight partners with U.S.-based school systems, chiefly serving preschool to K12, while the graduate and undergraduate schools have been added on recently. The organization additionally combines an influential customer experience platform or community engagement. Overall, the engagement attracts expert analytics, professional learning, and industry-leading research to assist school leaders in delivering notable experiences. Additionally, the enterprise also conducts online surveys that will be beneficial for districts and schools.

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