Anthology Unveils Intelligent Experiences For Meaningful Interactions Among Students And Institutions

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 02, 2022

The new product vision is to improve student success and support institutional goals by connecting data to deliver meaningful insights.

FREMONT, CA: Involving students in the learning process improves their attention and focus while motivating them to engage in higher-level critical thinking. Instructors that use a student-centered approach to boost student engagement possibilities help achieve the course's learning objectives. Anthology, one of the leading education solutions providers for the entire learner lifecycle, unveiled Anthology Intelligent Experiences (iX). The company's vision is for a connected ecosystem of products and services that use data to power meaningful interactions inside and outside the classroom.

"With Intelligent Experiences incorporated into daily interactions, institutions are better positioned to meet strategic objectives like raising retention rates and keeping students on track for graduation. Our clients have an incredible amount of information at their fingertips and Anthology is the only technology partner capable of blending that data with experiences to proactively surface the right insights, at the right time, because we have the most comprehensive suite of products in the market." says JD White, Chief Product Officer at Anthology.

By breaking down data silos and merging insights across crucial systems, the Anthology iX strategy will generate interactive moments that inform more relevant engagement between staff, professors, and learners. The iX vision applied to Anthology's products will deliver real-time insights that help educators and administrators provide better services and support to students while learners receive the right data to make more informed decisions by contextualizing data to make it actionable and experiences that have historically been routine.

Both students and institutions rely on a variety of technologies to support the complete learner journey, including the learning management system (LMS), student information system (SIS), and customer relationship management (CRM) system. Data is the structural glue that holds these solutions together. It is leveraged to make routine actions easier and more impactful by providing real-time guidance that supports important decisions inside an institution's existing workflows.

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