APL nextED Selected as Fullstack Academy's ERP for Academic Operations

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Kathleen Gibson, CEO, and Founder, APL nextED

APL’s platform allows Fullstack to track faculty information, streamline accreditation reporting, and automate staffing, compensation, performance assessments, and professional development.

FREMONT, CA: APL nextED has chosen as Fullstack Academy’s ERP for academic operations. Fullstack Academy is a national tech education provider that trains full stack developers and cybersecurity experts. APL’s platform will offer Fullstack one place to centralize and track faculty information, optimize accreditation reporting, and automate staffing, contracting, compensation, performance evaluations, and professional development.

Fullstack is experiencing drastic enrollment growth, and their leadership team recognized their requirement for a comprehensive platform designed particularly for managing academic operations. Through the release and expansion of its university and live online programs that offer access to its curriculum across the country, the company has experienced a significant increase in faculty, staff, and students in a short period. APL’s experience and robust platform allow it to continue to scale its operations, offering the centralization, automation, and integration required for its teams to connect and collaborate easily.

APL nextED is delighted to partner with Fullstack and to help them grow their faculty and academic offerings. It is interesting to be a part of this innovative school’s implementation of best practices in assisting, engaging, and training their faculty and to support them create the academic and faculty management foundation they will require as they scale

Fullstack Academy is a coding boot camp founded in 2012, and it provides web development, cybersecurity, and data analytics boot camps at its Chicago and New York City campuses and online. Fullstack Academy also provides the Grace Hopper Program, an immersive software engineering course for women+ students, in addition to collaborations with leading universities nationwide. Graduates are being hired by Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other startups. Fullstack Academy is a part of the Zovio network.

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