AR-enhanced Learning Kiosks to Digital Cannabis Education

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 06, 2019

AR today helps different industries such as business, marketing, education and training, tourism, and travel. The technology can monitor the progress of their work in real time. It also offers digital maps that allow managers to view the whole structure accurately. AR technology is, therefore, being deployed in many industries.

NexTech, a global leader in the field, brings AR to the masses through the development of an AR eco-system with eCommerce solutions, including live event streaming, websites and learning for AR. The company has submitted a patent for its web-enabled eCommerce platform AR that is built with Shopify, Wordpress, and Magento. The AR can "go live "with a few lines of the embed code, creating a huge platform on any electronics site. The global market for eCommerce is growing and worth $2.8 billion. NexTech has acquired its "edCetra" e-learning platform which Fortune 500 enterprises have used for education and training of employees, such as Imperial Oil, Bombardier, and Staples, the Library of Congress and others. In addition to this platform, NexTech plans to launch it with AR in 2019, and it has added more realistic training and education options. The enterprise also works to develop its AR live streaming platform for live events and shows. All platforms of companies run off a single CRM that enables their AR ecosystem to increase. NexTech has recently announced that it has signed an agreement to bring AR into a cannabis education through a partnership with Cannvas Medtech Inc.

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Cannvas MedTech or Cannvas is a leading digital cannabis education company in the field of health sciences. They are developing and creating patient-centered platforms, allowing the partners to use the power of the data for their customers.

The deal will lead NexTech’s AR technology in the cannabis market for the educational development of consumers interested in the numerous medical advantages of cannabis. In order to improve accessibility for free and health-based training focused on the potential benefits of medical and adult cannabis, Cannvas intends to implement increased learning kiosks in high-traffic retail areas across Canada. The Kiosk capacity will be dramatically strengthened through the addition of NexTechs AR-3D product demos and live AR holograms as experts, creating a powerful and scalable AR cannabis education platform.

Cannvas and NexTech plan to work together on data collection and analysis to observe and use the information to optimize the user experience at Cannvas Kiosks. Both companies are set to explore their present strategic networks and partnerships to determine whether a joint service is possible or an opportunity otherwise unknown, via the Cannvas Kiosks.

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