Arrival of a New Customizable Sentiment Engine

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Keith Nellesen, CEO

The new engine supports over 50 languages accounting for more than 98% of client discussion.

FREMONT, CA: Nuvi, a leader in social media brand management, announced the launch of its new proprietary sentiment engine. The latest engine will power up Nuvi’s full range of listening and brand management solutions to help businesses drive their conversations across every touch-point. “Nuvi makes social conversations actionable by using elegant real-time dashboards and stunning visualizations. It’s fantastic to see our clients experiencing the quantifiable benefits of the Nuvi platform,” informs Keith Nellesen, CEO of Nuvi.

The enterprise is decorated among Education Technology Insights Magazine’s 10 Hottest Social Media Solution Companies in 2017. The multi-dimensional Natural Language Processing (NLP) sentiment analysis engine is outfitted with potent machine learning making it vastly customizable. Nuvi’s engine goes past the basic demographics and dives into the objective behind each communication. With six sentiment scores per post, the engine unleashes the unseen aptitude of graphics and text to understand audience views and requirements so that brands can make more informed business decisions from authentic and uncalled for feedback.

Key features of the engine:

• The engine supports over 50 languages accounting for more than 98 percent of client discussion.

• Image and emoji response translating visuals into actionable data.

• The latest engine gathers information in real-time from more than 250 countries.

• Nuvi’s engine additionally delivers a six-dimensional sentiment score, in contrast to others that support only one-dimensional rankings.

Nuvi’s collection of enterprise solutions enables businesses to own and manage their brand experience across social media and beyond to shape, utilize, and understand consumer behavior. In addition, its social listening and emotion tool captures conversations in real-time across social channels, RSS feeds, blogs, and news articles on their patented bubble-stream system. “We’ve created a broad-based, simple easy to use social media tool that fits customer needs,” asserts Nellesen.

In addition, Nuvi’s media management platform also offers an end-to-end solution for social media planning, publishing, collaboration, and analytics. Furthermore, Nuvi provides a health care solution that handles digital marketing, reputation management, and a HIPAA-compliant reviews platform along with patient communication solution to build a loyal client base online.

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