Artificial Intelligence: Re-defining the Education System

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 27, 2018

Although artificial intelligence (AI) does not aim at eradicating the concept of the classroom in schools, it is set to influence the classroom education to a large extent. Regardless of the distance, AI is making interactions possible across the globe, connecting students to teachers, authors, and experts in various fields. Also, with the help of AI-based tools, personalized education is being promoted withdrawing the idea of extensive classroom education.

AI could replace and boost some of the basic activities in schools and colleges, speeding the administrative processes for institutions and teachers. For instance, automating the grading of students’ tests and exams can save a significant amount of time for teachers, providing them space for student interaction and professional development. Further, largely customizing to the needs of students and teachers, AI-driven programs and schemes can offer students and teachers with valuable feedback about the success of their performance or a course.

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Moreover, introducing immersive technology into the classrooms could elevate the degree of learning. With wearable devices and augmented reality being integrated into smart systems, students find a newer approach towards engaging with the material.

With intelligent systems such as Siri and Alexa playing a massive role in recommending and adapting to our needs, the impact on the interaction with information is significant. These AI-based systems have drastically altered the researching and browsing experience, making it easy for educators and students to access information. In addition, tailoring to the needs and goals of students, AI-guided systems can ease the transition between high school and colleges. Furthermore, with the help of smart data gathering technique, suggesting of colleges and the process of recruiting prospective college students is made simpler. Although, education is yet to take a whole new dimension with the integration of AI, its potential to radically modify the education sector is vast.

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