Artificial Intelligence Shaping the Future of Education

Education Technology Insights | Monday, June 18, 2018

Technology and education are growing in ways that are always entwined. In a synergistic manner, since artificial intelligence’s (AI) uptick in the 1980s, AI is at the center stage in the education realm. AI’s dynamic nature can accurately assist in developing a detailed scenario of how the human mind works and leverages the knowledge pool. The opportunities brought forth by AI allow for student engagement to span beyond the traits that traditional, out-dated textbooks or a typical four-walled classroom can provide. AI is also propelling and accelerating the discovery of advanced learning frontiers and the invention of innovative technologies.

One of the prime ways in which AI impacts education is through the application of higher levels of individualized learning. This has already become effective in practice, with a number of adaptive learning  software and programs responding to the needs of the student and laying emphasis on certain specific topics, helping students work at their own pace. AI will no doubt advance in the years to come and enhance and expand the adaptive programs, offering the required help and support both for teachers and students. A simple yet powerful impact of AI in the education world is to expedite the process related to the administration for both institutions and educators. AI will also help lecturers and teachers who would prefer to focus on their lesson planning and one-on-one time with students and monitor student’s progress and send notifications when any problem arises with respect to student performance.

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With AI, teachers can spend more of their time concentrating on their lesson plans and checking the academic statuses of each of their students, while a host of mundane manual tasks get automated.



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