Artificial Intelligence - Where Reality Cuts Through Fantasy

Education Technology Insights | Friday, June 22, 2018

Movies are oftentimes the podium where portrayals of the non-existence tend to affect the human minds making us believe in the unreal. However, the question is, have humans stopped at the idea of anticipating the fantastical future? The answer is a definite NO. The world is coming together and advancing unanimously towards the go-to technology of this era –the Artificial Intelligence.

The concept of a human dating a sentient operating system or a robot turning into a human over a period of ages have previously been witnessed in the world of flicks. These fantasies once created around the artificial intelligence technology are now on the foundations that could lead to their realization in the decades to come. Addressing the present day scenario, this tech wizard has nevertheless conquered a part of every prevailing industry of today. From games to transportation, music to marketing, medical to finance, artificial intelligence is manifesting wide and deep.

Of all the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning is the most sought-after technique, where systems are drilled to develop cognitive abilities. Further, speech and image recognition, natural language processing are some of the areas enabling ease and sophistication. Robots and the newly welcomed cobots are spreading far into a variety of sectors such as medical, manufacturing, hotel management, and more.

The science of inserting a chip that could turn a robot into an evil person or make him a lovable and an emotional humanoid is still a swing at the movies. The best artificial intelligence is on its path and its impact that could make way for a whole new dimension is yet to be witnessed.

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