AR/VR Set to Transform Learning

AR/VR Set to Transform Learning

By Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 06, 2018

With the recent advancements and extensive research that are coming about, there are several ways and proven means to implement AR/VR in eLearning and education in general. The simulations that are available in the market today hold computers and mobile devices as an integral part of eLearning. Although this form of teaching has proven its advantage, it is still believed that these learners are at a disadvantage when compared to regular learners. With the introduction of AR/VR, students will be allowed to enter the virtual world and be able to gain the knowledge that is made available to them. In recent times, the introduction of sensors has made it possible to add the sense of touch during the eLearning journey.

Although conferencing tools bring new features into the learning process, there is a huge lack of connectivity. VR technologies allow learners to enter a new virtual world that can imitate the real-world scenarios. These can prove useful particularly in the safety process, manufacturing, automation, and aviation. Additionally, these training can be personalized to match the individual learning requirements of the student community, ensuring better learning outcomes.

In tandem, Big Data integration is useful in tracking each move of the learner and in determining their state of mind and alertness through the sensors and their unique responses. Not only does this help to improve their learning experiences, but can also help to improve the training offered to similar learners of the same vertical.

AR/VR allows the learner to collaborate with different learners. This collaboration is an integral part of learning, especially while working on projects or developing team building training. AR/VR may seem to be in its primary stages, but it goes without saying that it has the potential to not only influence but also to widely impact the learning curve of the student community.

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