Atomic Jolt Releases First-of-its-Kind, Comprehensive Search Tool for Canvas by Instructure

Education Technology Insights | Friday, November 10, 2017

Atomic Jolt, a Logan, Utah based software company has released a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive, fully integrated search add-on for the Canvas learning management system by Instructure. 

"Atomic Jolt has built many Canvas add-ons and integrations over the years, " said Joel Duffin, CEO and co-founder of Atomic Jolt. "Atomic Search saves teachers time and increases the effectiveness of Canvas for teaching and learning" 

"Today's students and teachers rely heavily on search in all aspects of their lives; Atomic Search delivers that inside of Canvas" says Duffin. "With Atomic Search, students and teachers can quickly find what they are looking for in their courses, removing that barrier to learning and engagement."

Canvas by Instructure is the fastest-growing LMS in the United States. Atomic Search by Atomic Jolt indexes Canvas course content and makes it searchable; letting students, teachers, and administrators search the content that they have permission to access. 

Atomic Search is Atomic Jolt's first software as a service product offering, with others soon to follow. This adds to other services that Atomic Jolt offers including custom software development for EdTech companies, startups and schools.

In addition to providing tools and services that support LMS implementation, Atomic Jolt is known for creating custom solutions for teaching and learning. Past projects include a curriculum and platform for Latinos in Action used to teach high school and middle school classes focuses on leadership, search, culture and academic excellence, an assessment tool for MIT used in schools in rural India, and a survey application that helps nursing schools manage self, supervisor, and instructor evaluations of clinical experience at Utah Valley University.

"The feedback we've received on Atomic Search and other new products is exciting," said Duffin. "Our products provide simple, powerful solutions for teachers, students and administrators." 

Originally released in July, Atomic Search's newest release includes the ability for Canvas administrators to search across all courses in Canvas, faster indexing, and search of external content included in course modules.

Canvas teachers and admins may request a trial of Atomic Search on the web at

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