AV Technology Is Remolding The Typical Classroom Environment

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The new and advanced format of teaching and learning will replace the old traditional methods of passive learning and will introduce active learning methods.

FREMONT, CA: In the past years, technology has reshaped the classrooms from chalk and blackboard to interactive boards and podcasts. With the help of AV technologies, students and teachers can interact with content and share thoughts; it makes the learning environment more appealing. AV is providing different types of equipment to all the three education verticals such as primary, secondary, and tertiary. The new trend is changing the paradigm of traditional learning.

Here are some of the new trends in the education sector:

Active Learning

Active learning actively involves students in various ways like problem solving, discussions, case studies, role-plays, and other methods. This learning method promotes higher-order thinking skills and allows students to apply knowledge in an effective manner. Continuing evolution AV technologies are empowering active learning in today’s world. Earlier the trend was different as the teachers used to do all the talking and the presentation. Now students have become active learners, so they get the chance to speak and present things in the classroom. The advanced software and cloud-based sharing systems are providing a digital platform for students and instructors to collaborate in the classroom.

Design Thinking

The layout of the classrooms plays a crucial role in this arrangement. Students want to release themselves from the traditional settlements of the row of individual desks in favor of circular desks that can seat a small group. Modular or pod learning environments enable students to work together in groups, with a single display at each station. It can also share content with the entire class on a larger screen through collaboration tools.

Smooth Distance Learning

Digitization enables smooth distance learning. There are so many online learning options available, which help the students to learn things without attending any traditional classes. Audio-video content, digital notes and many other online teaching materials make the learning process easier for the students. The universities can efficiently deliver better classroom information for both on- and off-site students through the cloud.

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