Be Done With Normalization of Technology Tools

Education Technology Insights | Monday, July 01, 2019

Recognize education technology as a way of learning new things and let it not take over the true meaning of education.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is constantly on-the-go making its progression into the world of learning and education. But how many of the administrators and educators try to dig deeper into learning the new tools or embracing the technology remains the critical question.

Numerous education technology programs, resources, and products have come into being, making the task easy for the schools. But the focal point is deciding what time is the right time to end the connection with a tool when a new device is introduced. For example, the means of communication—from letters, telephone, cell phones to smartphones people have come a long way, and different social media platforms today act as a connecting medium. Similarly, there are terms and jargons in education technology that people have been using to make transformations. What happens to the newly introduced names? They eventually fade away.

So, in which direction do all these things point? It all leads to the way to how one carefully distinguishes and talks about education technology and continues to make use of it in learning. In particular, when there is a new application that has been launched, one does not let it pass, but download it and leap into knowing the process and working behind the tool. Ultimately, everyone nurtures along the lines of understanding and grow to be a part of the everyday learning process

As education technology keeps evolving with its assimilation in the schools, one should not lose the ultimate point of educating children to create a better future and additionally looking at ways to help them grow and flourish in their educational journey. There will always be a necessitate of a teacher, parent, and administrators who can put forward new challenges and opportunities and structure learning to such a degree that their abilities of creative thinking, growth, and problem solving are not restricted. 

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