Beacon Technology-Increasing Student Interaction With Universities

Education Technology Insights | Monday, March 11, 2019

Today, the education industry has evolved to a position beyond imagination. Electronic gadgets leverage the Beacon technology to revolutionize the landscape, especially in terms of student interaction with universities. In the education arena, the technology offers numerous opportunities to students as well as university campuses. 

The Beacon technology transfers information to the detected mobile device within a certain coverage area using broadcast radio signals. As the technology transmits data using Bluetooth low-energy technology, it can automatically send push notifications to devices. The traditional technologies are frequently affected by several physical barriers. By using the advanced features of Beacons universities are able to transfer all kinds of information to a large extent. Apart from its applications in the education sector the Beacons are also used in the retail sector. 

According to the Business Insider's prediction, by the end of 2019, Beacons contribute around $40 billion in retail sales. In this fast growing landscape, companies such as Walmart created the first  waves of euphoria for the Beacon technology. 

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In 2010, the first Beacon-enabled smartphones and tablets were introduced to the commercial market by Apple. Using Beacons, these gadgets helped in tracking the journey of with their consent. They can access the information anytime. As an initiator, Grand University Michigan (U.S.) instituted a library making use of the Beacons’ features. They use Beacons to provide students a quieter place to study and to access the study materials. 

Another classic example ids that the administrators of the American University has teamed up with Sony to create a campus tour application by installing 20 Aruba Beacons with augmented reality. Using the tour app, the students are able to avail all relevant and necessary information.

The app has been modified  to allow students to personalize their messages and schedules as per their wish. The Beacon apps in the digital realm ensure privacy of students’ data as information sharing is only done between the paired systems. Real-time information about the events that are taking place in the campus will be transferred to the students’ gadgets. The University of Alabama is conducting researches for extending the applications of Beacon technology. The researchers have been testing whether Beacon can warn pedestrians on roads. During emergencies, institutions can manage campus using the Beacon technology. 

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Beacon technology has been used in zillions of educational institutions to improve the convenience, safety, and efficiency of students. 

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