Benefits of Using Videos in E-Learning

Education Technology Insights | Monday, January 28, 2019

E-learning utilizes technologies to access the educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. It can refer to a course, program or degree delivered completely online. Learning that is delivered online, via the internet, ranges from computerized electronic learning, online learning, and many other forms. Among these, video aided e-learning is modernizing the learning experience. Educational organizations are capitalizing on video because of high-speed broadband internet access, high mobile penetration rate, and the learner's hunger for video content, to monetize their customer base. The benefits of video aided e-learning experience are

1. Facilitate thinking and problem-solving: Using videos makes learning engaging and insightful. When a learner is watching the interactive video he/she can engage in multi-sensory learning. Using multi senses allows more cognitive connections so that they can acquire problem-solving skills for better work performance.

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2. Demonstrate procedures to assist in learning: Using videos will be the ideal way to present a string of processes holistically, for example, product training.

3. Ideal for visual learners: Visual learners can better understand and retain information when ideas are associated with images and videos.

4. Easy communication of abstract concepts: Having animated videos of any kind can add style and beauty to your e-learning courses.

5. Accessible on multiple devices: Learning videos could be made accessible on all smart devices. This multi-device delivery of videos enables learners to access the videos on any smart device anywhere including at home or at the office or while traveling.

6. Reduce training cost and time

Modern learners are expecting immersive, interactive, and entertaining content to hold their interest. Videos do not just provide an additional instruction layer in e-learning but they have the power to transform the ways a learner thinks and processes the knowledge attained. 

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