Black Spectacles Rolls Out Spectacular

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, December 17, 2020

Black Spectacles is launching Spectacular, a free online platform that helps architects with career growth.

FREMONT, CA: Black Spectacles, an online education program offering architects with resources on their path to becoming licensed and advancing their careers, unveils Spectacular, a free online platform that assists architects with career growth and leads firms to great talent. 

Black Spectacles has spent the last decade helping and inspiring architects through world-class educational materials. Seventy-five per cent of the top 50 architecture firms presently subscribe to Black Spectacles. To remove barriers to career expansion and pave the way for creative potential, Black Spectacles Founder and CEO Marc Teer recognized an opportunity to increase the architects’ portfolio and change traditional job boards into meaningful connections.

Spectacular will optimize the job searching experience by providing a modern alternative to the professions traditional sharing of portfolios in printed and pdf format. Also, Spectacular will feature and rotate projects both conceptual and completed work on the homepage of the website serving as inspiration for other users, expediting the speed at which new ideas are shared, and giving job seekers increased exposure. Architecture firms can post job openings, showcase their firms’ profile, and search for architects that meet specific criteria.

The pandemic has impacted the profession of architecture and forced many firms to adopt remote work scenarios. This transition can open up remote job opportunities for architects across the globe, unlike ever before. Spectacular will address this accelerated requirement for a virtual platform where architects can post their resume, projects, and portfolios to be connected with firms that are hiring around the globe.

In preparation for the release of Spectacular, Black Spectacles formed a 10-person product advisory board, including both young and experienced experts from multiple continents, from firm owners to Harvard University professors, to advise on the direction of Spectacular and to fulfil the needs of individual architects and firms. The development of Spectacular by a company founded by architects with an entrepreneurial mindset promises to fill a need in the best possible way.

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