Can Collaborative Tech Rationalize Education Intricacies?

Tina Rosen, Education Technology Insights | Monday, September 28, 2020

With education stepping up on the sphere of digitalization, collaboration tech is making deeper inroads. Read on!

FREMONT, CA: The world today is functioning upon the parable of remote working. The practice of working from home has been extended into the paradigm of education as well in the form of learning from home. Since most of the educational institutions leverage online meeting platforms and other digital sessions to conduct an online class, collaboration technology is increasingly creating an efficacious and dynamic impact on the field of education and its process of teaching and learning.

Top 10 EdTech Solution Companies in Europe - 2019The need to collaborate via online means is now essential. This is because both students and teachers need diverse and legitimate tools and functionalities to get through the paradox of online education. While making the digital learning experience extremely natural, smooth, and efficacious is the aim of every educator of today, a lot of practical challenges might turn into obstacles in realizing the set goal. In the wake of a large number of systems and modules emerging and establishing their place in the education market, modern educators are tasked with choosing the best of them.

From a blackboard and roll call process to lectures and examinations, education has gone a long way away from its legacy. Collaborative technology is sure to act as a revolutionary in mapping physical blackboards to online whiteboards, seminars to webinars, lecture sessions to podcasts, and classrooms to digital meeting rooms. In contrast, let us now look at the most basic and fundamental challenge, and that is about connectivity. Well, the connectivity issues are quite common but cannot be neglected either. A small break in the connectivity with the internet leads to the isolation of a student, and his progress also lags. Collaborative technology focuses on such vital detailing and helps the teachers and learners access the better level of information exchange. Collaborative technology is also increasingly proactive and fosters upon the education industry a large variety of potential tools and ideas to boost the decision making capability of the educators.        

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