Can IoT Benefit Education?

Education Technology Insights | Friday, July 26, 2019

Leveraging IoT in education can help institutions in student attendance, security, cashless transactions, and other applications.

FREMONT, CA: IoT today has evolved across multiple sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and education is no exclusion. The introduction of IoT in the field of education technology will augment numerous applications that enhance student safety, assist specially-abled students, and offer communication channels for global pupils. IoT also can serve as an engagement medium for educating children and improving efficiency by mechanizing specific administrative tasks. The approach can help educational institutions in making instruction more agile and improve the quality of learning.


Schools shootings today have become a frequent occurrence. To curb the shooting issue, IoT-enabled smart cameras can be installed in the campuses for 24/7 supervision of any suspicious activity. Upon any encounters, the cameras will notify the authorities and law enforcement agencies. The devices additionally can easily recognize strangers with the help of facial recognition, so institutions need to gather pictures of all staff, students, and professors.

Smart Classrooms

Along with integrating smart classrooms with IoT sensors and gadgets, IoT-enabled whiteboards will also lead to development in education. The whiteboards can be connected to a system and provide an interactive display operated with a pen, finger, or stylus moreover helping students in recording the notes. Furthermore, including smart microphones that realizes a professor is announcing assignments can make updates to pupils’ planners depending on the due date.

Student Attendance

Attendance will be an easy task for teachers by the implementation of automated attendance tracking. IoT devices such as wearables can be made use of to detect students in the classroom and notify parents if the student is absent. The technique helps educators to keep track of how many pupils are attending their classes,

Cashless Vending Machines

Carrying cash can be difficult for young students as it can be easily stolen or lost. To avoid such situations, institutions can use IoT-powered cashless vending machines. With the approach, payments will be made quicker with food being served faster, and the lunch queues becoming shorter. Organizations need to connect the vending machines to a centralized system, which helps school or college officials to examine transactions in real-time and generate a log of each student’s purchases.

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