Canyons M: Keeping Students Connected with Necessary Resources

Education Technology Insights | Friday, March 01, 2019

Technological advancements have introduced drastic changes in every sector and have made life easy. From Google Maps to Uber Eats, everything has formed an easy-going digital life. Today, people no longer face any problem to discover the alleys of a new city or do not stay hungry at the house—all thanks to advanced technologies.

The release of the 'Canyons M' app by the officials of College of the Canyons (COC) can be seen as a newcomer in the list of apps that have the potential to change the conventional way of thinking. This app has been empowered to connect the users with a lot of valuable resources like information about every individual student and campus safety links, and this improved connectivity is an essential part of both student and campus safety. For example, in case of emergency, the college authority will not have to browse the existing database to have information about a single student; rather, this app will be able to provide his detailed description. Besides this information, Canyons M will provide a detailed calendar of the college and an accurate map of the campus.

The students of the College of the Canyons has released a beta version of this app before the launch of the full version, and this version is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This app has the potential to affect the daily life of the students as it will keep them connected with various essential resources. After installation when a user will open the app, he will be given choices to log in as a guest or as a student, and after selection, the user will be able to link his email account.

But, the feature that distinguishes this app is its ability to make a connection with Google Maps. This feature can be beneficial to the people who are not acquainted with the details of the campus as this app will provide them the liberty to select their destinations and will guide them to the places.

Canyons M is all-in-one in the true sense of the term. It not only guides the newcomers but helps to keep the students connected with COC's social media pages and canvas portals. Undoubtedly, this app is innovative and has all the capabilities to encourage other institutions to introduce apps to increase students’ engagement.

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