Coming Summer Amplify Being a Good Digital Citizen

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Having a balanced approach and converting summer time into a prized opportunity to trigger the way into the digital world is essential.

FREMONT, CA: Summer holidays—a memory down the lane takes many back in time when playing indoor board games or playing outdoor sports in the scorching heat was the craze. With internet and technology taking an onward and upward leap, it is essential for the educators to let parents and children keep up with the skills and recognize the use of devices, especially when one has ample of time on their hands.

Below are some fun ways for children and parents alike that can act as a guide into being a good digital citizen.

Be Considerate and Stay Upbeat

Over the summer, students rely more on digital connections and are often seen texting to keep in touch with their classmates. Advising pupils as well as parents to be watchful of what is shared and posted over the internet—bring to their notice to maintain a positive relationship.

Scrutinize Screen Time

Outage time can occupy children with boredom increasing their probability of being online. Caution and inform them of the possible health issues they can be affected due to the increased screen time. Lead them to play out with friends, opting for a summer camp, or reading a book.

Educate on the Safety Issues

As students step out, they make new friends, which lead them to connect over social media. That is when teachers can warn the parents to stay alert on their children’s online communication and keep a check on the privacy settings and other information they put up on their profiles.

Directing Children to Creating Than Consuming

Set up a blog for children and suggest them to create travel blogs of the places or adventures they encountered over the summer is the most creative way to increase productivity. Likewise, maintaining an online diary or making family videos and editing them can also be added to the list.  

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