Compliance-as-a-Service Solutions for the Next Generation

Education Technology Insights | Monday, January 28, 2019

The mission of Ethix360 is to develop innovative techniques that help companies of all kinds to comprehend their corporate risks by communicating with their key members, resolve reported concerns in a manner compliant with company policies and procedures. ETHIX360 offers Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) solutions for the next generation that can readily be configured to help find, manage, examine, and resolve problems in any company. The CaseTrac® solution helps to reduce the negative impact on the global reputation of an organization and to establish financial liabilities. In order to enhance adherence to company policies and procedures for any program, such as employee code of conduct, Supply chain code, Asset protections, and FCA compliance, CaseTrac's unique resolution management solution can also be defined. This solution provides a business management system for the collection, management, and resolution of incidents throughout the company. This allows any department responsible for managing risks to set up the system for automating and implementing their own unique processes for incident collection and management whether using a conformity hotline, a whistleblower hotline, or whatever. ETHIX360 can install their policies and procedures in their risk management software with CaseTrac.

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ETHIX360 offers business-wide visibility of problems, enabling effective response and continuous improvement, through real-time dashboards, and data analysis. Experts from the fields of ethics, law, government services, and web-based applications developed and designed a revolutionary new solution from the company. The best risk mitigation and management practices of the company can be configured to encompass the chosen organizational procedures and processes for each client. The company includes world leaders in the health, insurance, retail, and technology industries. These clients have implemented a variety of programs for about 500,000 employees and entrepreneurs. In fact, in virtually all countries of the world, these clients support the operations.

Ethix360 recently released Form D equity funding for approximately $125,000. The application form was submitted on the 13th of December 2018, whereas the reason for funding was unspecified. In the other technology industries, on average, companies sell 85.80 percent of the total size of the offer.

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