Critical Safety Features for Schools and Universities with Modern Technology

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, February 05, 2019

The educational sector is rapidly transforming with advancements in technology. However, there are dark threats to students due to a lack of safety measures in schools and universities. According to the report by "Theirworld," by 2030, around 622 million children under school-going age will live in countries where there is high threat to visit school due to natural disasters or high level of violence. The report sheds light on the fact that attention towards the safety of teachers and students both in and around the school is important. Multiple school safety apps have been revolving around the internet. Many countries have been involved in providing safety measures to the school students using the best communication platform.

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After the shooting incidence of Parkland school, Florida, Brevard joins the movement to implement emergency information sharing capabilities in schools. Through technology connected to public safety, if a school tends to face any threat, the live video will be shared with the school personnel and the police as well. Additional communication networks can also be included further when the need arises. Through the implementation of the emergency communications coordination system, there will be a close relationship between the school administrators and law enforcement.

Mutualink, Inc is one of the multimedia communication platforms that enable a user to share real-time instant videos, images, text, and radio in a safe zone. The company renders its help worldwide for multiple departments including police and fire departments, homeland security, schools and universities, and hospitals. The year 2018 witnessed several tragic U.S. school incidents. Lack of attention in providing school safety measures have created such a loss for the U.S. government.  

In order to enhance the school safety measures and readiness, Brevard and six other countries in Florida have joined the Mutualink’s instant platform. It provides an instant emergency communication platform that keeps the school students and teachers safe from any threats including shooting incidents. It is better to have live videos to see what is happening as it helps in coordinating essential needs that eliminate delayed responses.

The work of Mutualink today enables the citizens of Florida to be safe. It continues to its interoperability in sectors like healthcare, transportation, and education among several others.  

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