Cyber Threat Negligence Costs Education $7.37 Million A Year

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The education industry is not taking the cyber threat cost seriously; as a result, the sector faces an annual toll of 7,370,000 USD.

FREMONT, CA: According to Global DNS Threat Report 2019, the education industry is one of the most heavily targeted industries by cyber attacks. Research by EfficientIP and IDC found that in the past year, more than 80 percent of education sector respondents experienced under the radar Domain Name System (DNS) attacks. This in itself is the second highest across all sectors after government.

As per the survey report from nine hundred security experts, from nine countries across North America, Europe, and Asia the report found the education sector is failing to invest in its security. Some of the organizations suffered 11 attacks, each costing 670,000 USD. It results in an annual toll of 7,370,000 USD. Recently the state of Louisiana suffered three malware attacks on schools and the universities of York. Most of the attacks experienced last year were phishing-based, which had devastating effects on educational organizations.

CEO of EfficientIP, David Williamson, said in a statement that hackers are looking for an easy way in, and universities and education sector are their clear priority. It is a matter of disappointment that the education sector is failing to invest in security. Students and teachers trust their institutions with sensitive personal information, so it is the responsibility of the institution to safeguard it.

The problems of education industry are escalating day by day; the sector should become more proactive to avoid cyber threats. Otherwise, the loss of sensitive data will continue damaging the institution’s reputation. These problems have reached to a high level that the government has declared a state of emergency and officially involving themselves with cyberattacks on schools.

Nowadays, Education has fallen behind healthcare, retail, and other industries as only 22 percent of education institutions are safe. Therefore, it is mandatory to protect the teachers and students enrolled from such threats. Implementing some steps like smarter DNS monitoring, analysis, and threat intelligence can identify these threats before they commence.

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