Data Analytics Tools Assisting Academic Advising

Education Technology Insights | Friday, July 12, 2019

The gap between students and institutions can be reduced with the help of planning and communication.

FREMONT, CA: Imagine the under-resourced students getting help from their educators in their graduation—wouldn’t it be such a relief? Many higher education advisors are looking for ways to use data analytics to strategize, communicate, and implement graduation plans for conventionally underserved pupils. Universities use data collection tools to give counselors critical financial and academic information, further permitting them to make informed proposals to support their students’ success. With the support of data analytics, graduation rates have risen steadily in a few states.  When a student makes a wrong decision, the institute is notified and can start taking measures to get the pupil back.

Given below are three ways data analytics tools can benefit universities

Institutions leverage a range of tools to convert data into actionable insights, including software. Coupled with data from learning management systems, networks, student information systems, these tools help educators address three things:

• Synchronized Communication: Many departments in the institution communicate with pupils independently, so students are likely to get siloed text messages and emails. Synchronized platforms bring the data into one place; for example, an education adviser will be able to view things like student’s unpaid bills and other things he/she is disciplined for, as well as other factors affecting the academic progress.

• Degree Planning: In the past, degree planning looked simple, where students would come with a program in mind, but they did not know how their degree could prove beneficial to them. Today, however, advisers make use of technology to review pupil’s performance and thereby guide them toward a degree that best fits them.

• The Intersection of Alerts and Analytics: Today, an adviser with the help of technology helps several students, furthermore the assimilation of student data, automated alerts and analytics inform consultants within no time whenever any pupil is in trouble.

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