Develop a Friendly Relationship among your Classmates with Edtech

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 19, 2019

The development of educational technology is constantly providing new opportunities for the students to share a bond with each other. Mentors with the help of technology can force the children to come out of their comfort zones and interact with their classmates. 

FREMONT, CA: The core component of a successful classroom is when students develop a friendly relation between themselves. When children develop such close bonds amongst themselves, they are more likely to help one another with any issues. Friendship is an integral part of the academic experience, even if it has no direct impact on the grades.

Nowadays, children prefer talking to one another from behind the computer or mobile screen where they get more time to think and respond. Hence, it has become more stressful than ever for the kids to interact with each other in real life. When teachers want their students to communicate, they can utilize some of the educational technologies available.

Students can use the Edtech-Centered Social Media

Some companies are launching new portals that closely bear a resemblance to the popular social media platforms. Students can use these applications to connect with their mentors and also develop academic goals. When a child’s dream is prominently displayed on the social media pages, teachers and other peers can understand what is essential for the student. The pupils who have similar interest can also form a group together in these stages and encourage each other.

Teachers can help the students to create their Learning Material

With technology, it has become more comfortable for students to develop presentations and audio recordings. With portals, students cannot hide behind the screen as they have to communicate with their peers while discussing their studies. 

Mentors can create a versatile classroom that will allow students to develop meaningful friendships.

Creating a Group Page

One of the best ways in which students can directly connect on online portals is by creating group pages. In these pages, pupils can ask each other questions, have discussions, and also offer academic support. Creating groups is the right way for encouraging student-driven education, and teachers have to moderate the topics to make sure that they are respectful and appropriate.

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